Hairy Dogs in Spain´s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca Keeping Groomers Busy

SPAIN’S hairy dogs have been keeping groomers busy in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca areas.

Besides humans having to give hairdressers a miss until the country’s State of Alarm rules were relaxed last week, pet owners have been putting up with their pooches unable to get a trim for two months or so.

That proved to be an even greater problem as Spain started to bask in a heatwave at the end of April, with groomers now reporting full appointment books for dogs to get an important pre-summer clipping.

It’s a key time for dogs in areas like the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol to be trimmed, as mosquitoes and other pests start to make an appearance, and could have enjoyed getting into all the excess fur.

Individual groomers, as well as vet practices that offer a service within their premises, are unsurprisingly saying that business has been very brisk over the last few days.

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Alex Trelinski