The Engine on your Wrist

Fast cars and watches have always shared a special link, most petrol heads also love complicated timepieces. Both require mechanical precision combining performance and luxury in novel ways. In 2019 Bugatti and Jacob & Co signed a partnership to create unique times pieces. A rarity, as well as extreme performance, is also a major draw. For 2020 an entirely new line the ‘Bugatti Chiron’ was created by Jacob & Co to join two existing lines presented during 2019, the Twin Turbo Furious and the Epic X Chrono.

The Chiron boasts 1500 bhp from its turbocharged W16 engine limited – to a top speed of 260mph or 420kph

In development for almost a full year, Jacob & Co have now presented for 2020 the ‘Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon’ designed to honour the Chiron whose acceleration from 0-100km/h (62mph) takes just 2.5 seconds and its legendary 16 cylinder engine in a timepiece. The watch case is inspired by the flowing lines of the Chiron and the watch’s movement or ‘engine block’ intended to duplicate the Bugatti’s engine is placed under a massive sapphire crystal. Pushing the right-hand crown of the timepiece and the engine comes to life – the crankshaft turns and the pistons pump up and down, just like a true internal combustion engine. The two turbochargers  – down from four in the actual Chiron engine – on the side of the engine block spin while the engine runs. The movement is comprised of 578 components amounting to the highest level of complication for the development team.

The Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon by Jacob & Co

An incredible flying tourbillon movement is a completely clean-sheet design. The top and sides of the watch are sapphire crustal making every single facet of the watch visible. In the centre of course is the engine block animation. The crankshaft driving this is one of the smallest and complicated watch parts ever manufactured made out of one solid piece of steel. The movement is completely suspended in four places with what looks like the actual shocks from the Chiron. The movement is in fact floating inside the case moving up and down. Framing the engine block are two exhausts completing the engine theme of the design. The general theme is direct – less is more. Beyond the flying tourbillon with the Jacob & Co logo, the only other branding anywhere on the watch is the subtle EB logo on the engine compartment where the crankshaft holds 16 pistons, poised and ready for action. With the ‘Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon’ Jacob & Co has created an engine on the wrist. The Bugatti Chiron costs €2.4 million each. Meanwhile the timepiece a more accessible US $280,000 each. Make an application to Jacob & Co or your own high-end watch retailer.

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Nick Horne


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