The BBC truly is a national disgrace.

It really is time this biased bunch were reined in and brought under some kind of collective control.
Irrespective of the obvious need to pull everyone together and encourage unity against this devastating virus, this organization continues to take every opportunity to cause unrest and disquiet among the citizens of the UK – i.e. their recent Panorama offering – unrepentantly doing all they can to turn the whole thing into a political exercise and bring the government into disrepute. Even their reporting of the Government managing to reach their promised target of testing was reported through gritted teach and some kind endeavour to temper this magnificent effort by coming up with the lame excuse that ‘numbers of the tests had been carried out at home’!

When was the last time you observed this lot actually praise anything this government has done in its handling of the crisis? Well, I certainly can’t. These left-wing manipulators will never forgive the Conservative Party for the drubbing their leftie pals received at the last election. And it doesn’t end there. Their recent handling and subsequent corruption of the interview of their other arch-enemy Donald Trump, really does merit some kind of legal action. When they gleefully showed the President stating his views on how a virus vaccination could possibly be some derivative of bleach or heat, they made it appear that he had stridden out to the podium and launched into some maniacal mad scientist tirade. What they conveniently edited out was the footage that showed Trump had already been on stage listening to scientist’s discussing these very possibilities for some twenty minutes before he made his remarks. He was merely making loose comments regarding what they had already been lectured on by medical experts.

Although his reactions were somewhat bumbling, taken in their true context, they were nowhere near as crazed as this biased bunch attempted to dupe the public into believing. Do you know what really gets me? These disgruntled jokers actually sit in their multi-million studios of the BBC plotting and conniving how they can manipulate and alter their biased reports to suit their own ends – and the British taxpayer is actually footing the bill! Talk about adding insult to injury. The sooner this organization is replaced by a team of unbiased presenters and directors who simply report the truth and not use their constant outpourings as a means to their own political ends the better. What about a few positive messages of an enemy being slowly but surely overcome? What about an upbeat touch of ‘hope and glory’? Heaven knows the viewing public could certainly do with it.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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Leapy Lee

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