At Crooke & Laguna we are prepared to offer you the best treatment with the greatest security

Dr. Eduardo Crooke & Dr. Rosa Gomez Laguna.

Doctors at Crooke & Laguna, digitization, our 3 Step Smiles system and the protocols developed with the BQDC group give us security and confidence to face this new stage.

During these difficult days of confinement, we have taken advantage of updating our security protocols. We take the opportunity to communicate that the control of infections and cross-contamination is a task that we have always carried out in our dental clinics since before COVID 19 appeared, we already had to follow strict hygiene measures for the safety of our patients, and for our team. Currently, based on the recommendations of the Council of Dentists and in collaboration with all BQDC (Best Quality Dental Centers) clinics, we have developed safety protocols so that we can continue taking care of your oral health without taking risks.

Even having implemented all these new measures, our rates have not been altered, that the budget is not an impediment to show off the best of your smiles.

Image of the operating room during the intervention.

Given the times we are living we have opted for 4 important principles: Security, Digitization, Biosafety and Emotional Well-being.

– We have established a COMMUNICATION PLATFORM with our patients. Prior to your appointment, we send you a health questionnaire, consent and explanation of the special measures we are carrying out. For patients who have difficulty moving, we have incorporated a virtual consultation system where they can send us photos of their mouth and have advice about their dental needs until they can go to the clinic to carry out the treatment.

– We provide PROTECTION for footwear when entering the facilities, taking temperature, washing hands and mask (if you do not have it, we provide it).

– We have 2 waiting rooms so that we can keep your space safe, and especially if you are part of a risk group, we will ensure that you do not share your stay with other patients.

– We work with «AGENDA SEGURA», the number of people who come to the consultation the same day is reduced. For your safety, we are committed to “relaxed dentistry”, fewer patients in one day, longer and calmer appointments.

– Use of EPIS and security screens by all our staff.

– Thorough disinfection of surfaces, sterilization and ventilation of cabinets (all exterior to promote air renewal as recommended by the Ministry of Health).

“Because we all deserve the best of smiles”

– This work system developed at Crooke & Laguna simplifies the processes and makes the visit to the dentist more pleasant. We have a specific procedure for implantology, aesthetics and orthodontics. We can visualize the final result and choose the best smile option for our patients before starting treatment. The number of appointments is substantially reduced, especially in patients with implants and dental aesthetics. Everything is easier, faster and less painful.

– 3Step Smiles avoids taking impressions with pastes uncomfortable for patients and sending them to laboratories with the possible transmission of germs. In addition, with this 100% digital protocol, we are able to be faster and more efficient.

– For a long time, we have been committed to reducing the use of plastics, we use paper cups and we recycle the materials that can be subjected to this process.

– We are incorporating new bisphenol-free materials for fillings.

– We use a security system to remove silver amalgams or “black fillings”.

– We are specialists in zirconium implants for those patients who have any kind of problem with metals.

– All our prostheses are «metal-free», we use zirconium, disilicate, feldspar and PMMA.

– There are many people who need to fix their mouths both to enjoy a good chewing function and to smile without fear, that is why we are going to start the 28 teeth campaign, together with BQDC, from June to October to help to edentulous patients and improve their well-being by following more precise and efficient digital treatment protocols. With this campaign, implant restorations can be carried out at a more affordable price in a special group of patients.

At Crooke & Laguna we care about you and we want you to continue taking care of your oral health and help you smile, since smiling is a great benefit for our immune system.

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