Euro Weekly News reader’s views, opinions and letters from the UK and Spain

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Euro Weekly News reader’s views, opinions and letters from the UK and Spain

Freedom fighter

Dear Euro Weekly,
Please don’t take away my 1 hour in the evening for exercise!

I am in remission from lung cancer, and very vulnerable, and the 7-8 p.m. hour to take a walk safely and get some fresh air is a saviour for me, after nearly eight weeks of not leaving the house at all, I do enjoy my evening walk, knowing there will not be 100´s of people out walking and putting my health at risk!
At 8 p.m. when I make my way home there are literally 100´s of people and lunatics racing past on bikes, and not adhering to social distancing rules, and it would be very unsafe for me to walk amongst all these people. I may be over 70, but 1 hour in the evening to walk is not too much to ask, surely?
I am over 70, but just as important as every other member of society! And I wait all day for 7 p.m. to come, so I can go out for some fresh air.


Normal people have a choice of eight hours in which to take their exercise, children have a choice of seven hours, and over 70`s have a choice of just three hours, and now you want to take one of those away!

Kevin Long

Happy man

Dear Euro Weekly News,
Great paper!
I would like to say a big thank you to the Hospital Costa del Sol for my urgent cancer operation during the lockdown. Thank you so much to the medical staff and indeed the Spanish NHS.

Thank you.
Robert Warburton

Dishing dirt

Dear Euro Weekly News,
In response to your article from a reader complaining about his dog not being permitted to be on the beach. Is he living in the real world? As a fellow dog owner, there are 2 very good reasons for the ban. Firstly, a lot of dog owners don’t pick up their dog’s poo, who wants children to play on a beach with dog sh*t. Secondly, many dog owners have no respect for others, humans and other dogs alike, many think they are at liberty to let their dog off its leash. Simple facts.

Mark Pinney

Pleasure in power

Dear Euro Weekly News,

I hope I am wrong
It is my feeling that Bill Gates knows that this pandemic was just a trial run to see who obeys the lockdown and who didn`t. How long people stayed in their homes before they rebelled. What ages were involved and what types of people? How effective was their control of the media and use of AI to remove videos that were against the status quo?

The next pandemic will probably be very soon as they will not want the countries affected to recover economically. It will probably be a mutated version of CV and they will seed it in areas where it will spread the fastest and kill the most people. This time what the virus does not kill food shortages will.
The fact that Bill Gates is already warning us as he did the last time that another pandemic is on the cards it will happen because he will make sure it does. This psychopath takes pleasure in his power to create fear and panic on a greater level than Stalin, Mao and Hitler especially as he will be responsible for its release. But this time the vaccine will magically appear and will be ready with some form of microchip or identity system ready to inject the world population for the coming One World Government.  The One World leader the Biblical antichrist.

Vivienne Pimm

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Written by

Damon Mitchell

From the interviewed to the interviewer

As frontman of a rock band Damon used to court the British press, now he lives the quiet life in Spain and seeks to get to the heart of the community, scoring exclusive interviews with ex-pats about their successes and struggles during their new life in the sun.

Originally from Scotland but based on the coast for the last three years, Damon strives to bring the most heartfelt news stories from the spanish costas to the Euro Weekly News.

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