Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol Want To Remain On Lockdown’s Phase 0 As The Government Announce Today

Some expats today are hoping on Spain’s Costa Del Sol that the region remains in Phase 0 as the government prepare to announce decision today

AFTER nine weeks of a hard lockdown and with the Costa del Sol region still on Phase 0 the same as Madrid and some other areas, you would have thought everyone on the Costa del Sol would be praying that the area moves on to Phase one which would see the opening up of the area but no that doesn’t seem the case for some.

“I don’t think we should go to Phase one yet, I think it should be left another week, another week will not do any harm at all, the reason I say another week is because we need to see the virus results after people have been let out their homes at certain times of the day, we know there’s a 14-day incubation period and we should wait and see what those results are first, they are what count,” said Barry Curtis on Fuengirola’s sea front this morning.

“Phase one should not start yet in my opinion,” said Georgina Knight who explained “I feel that it’s too early and the only reason they are thinking about it is because of the pressure from the money people as I call them, we are mainly old here and retired and we have survived this pandemic in the main, what we don’t want is it getting worse again for the sake of a couple of weeks, we are allowed out now anyway, so why the rush? The only reason it can be is for financial gain and I don’t think that’s the way to look at it.”

Meanwhile Dorothy Ibbotson said “I’m enjoying the peace and quiet if I’m truly honest, you can hear the birds singing in the trees even here on the sea front, it’s nice and calm and not so busy, watch the news in the UK, they are charging around already and bound to have a second wave and a large spike of further deaths, we don’t need that here, let’s stay safe, I would say leave it to the end of the month at least.”

Today the government will announce if the Costa del Sol will enter Phase one, but it appears on the Costa del Sol not everyone is in agreement after nine weeks. Later today we will find out if they get their wishes!

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George Stephens


    • Herbert

      15 May 2020 • 09:59

      idiots are everywhere

    • U. Sunshine

      15 May 2020 • 12:58

      I can not believe the commends i read. Georgina Knight you are lucky that you still recieve your regular pension and don’t need to be worried how to put food on the table how to pay rent and the bills. I think you are watching too many of the mainstream media horrifying fake news and photos and fake statistics.

      And Barry this is not only about the Money people here. You are living in too much fear and anxiety. There are business owners People loosing therein job family’s who don’t know how to feed therein family’s or pay rent or mortgage and you just have the anxiety and fear you catching the virus. Why don’t you stay at home then? don’t go out at all then!!

      I find it really necessary to open to phase 1 Sevellia is moved to phase 1 already do you know how many people live there?

    • stephe

      15 May 2020 • 14:36

      Pensioners and retired people have an income ,what about the people who don’t, who are struggling in this pandemic, its ruining peoples lives ,yes there are some idiots out there who do stupid things ,but seriously ,the ability to earn money and live has been taken away from us ,the goverments world wide should be more transparent and forthcoming with clear concise information and give free testing to all ,build up the herd immunity that has been suggested ,implement better guidelines so everyone can know what they are doing and get on with there lives and start living .

    • Peter

      15 May 2020 • 22:24

      All those that what to stay in feel free, let the rest of us who are skint go to work in a safe manor.


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