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The ASKJA Origin sound system is completely unique, the first-ever commercial psychoacoustic audio system. Psychoacoustics is the science that addresses the theory of pure sound emission and also that of sound perception. That is to say; the way we hear and the brain receives sounds and positions it in space. “It addresses the ear-brain connection to focus on, what space sounds like.”

The ‘enclosures’ or speakers are the result of complex aerodynamic designs which ensure that that sound waves go through and bounce without creating vibration. They were developed according to their function and their place in the system in close cooperation with Formal One engineers in Switzerland with long experience in aerodynamics and the use of novel materials including laminated carbon and glass fibre, Kevlar and aramid composite materials. The final result being 24,000 times more sound efficient than wood. Meanwhile, the electronic components of the ASKJA Origin are uniquely designed and handmade by craftsmen in Japan and Denmark. The components are spatially placed into the system to translate the original sound as closely as possible. Connectors and materials that hitherto have only been used in military-grade telecommunications to theatre production equipment are employed.

Didier Kwak founder of ASKJA once heard that Sergio Pininfarina quoting Enzo Ferrari, “ An engine, a car needs to be made of as few parts as possible, so each element is perfectly designed and does not need satellites to correct its function; and above all, the more beautiful an engine can be, the better it works.” Didier Kwak career in film special effects he noted that he was often disappointed with the sound leading eventually to the first ASKJA prototype in 2001 and in due course by the encouragement of musicians, filmmakers and sound engineers to the establishment of ASKJA Audio in Nice, France. In the autumn of 2015 ASKJA Origin’s reveal at that years Monaco Yacht Show to rave reviews from all who have had the opportunity to see the system and experience the sound produced.

Each ASKJA Origin’s unique spatial immersion transports the listener to the middle of a live performance with each system installed after an acoustic study with on-site set up by ASKJA specialists. Setups may be discovered on superyacht and villa.

2. ASKJA Origin system a name inspired by the true sound of silence found at the Askja volcano system in Iceland

That the ASKJA Origin is technically unique is clear, that any audiophile will no doubt wish to customise the set up in some way and add their own touch to this technical tour de force is a given and fully catered to. The finishing possibilities are impressive with the system available in dozens of different colours and finishes. Polished high gloss or matte painted finishes, inlaid wood marquetry, leather, shagreen and much more. With a price tag that starts in the region of €450,000 the ASKJA Origin system is found in the region of hyper luxury and worth every cent.

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Nick Horne