Underage Murderer in Spain’s Toledo Kills His Dad and Step Mum with a Shotgun for Taking His Phone Away for a Month During Lockdown

THE 17-year-old assured police officers that he had heard the gunshots from his room and escaped what he described as a robbery. However, he finally confessed that he shot them both point-blank in their backs.

The minor hurried to a neighbour’s house claiming that his father and father’s girlfriend had been killed. When the neighbour invited the young boy in, he tells him that he was in the bushes hunting when he heard noises like gunshots coming from his house. The boy claims that when he got closer, he saw his father and stepmother lying on the ground both dead, and that the house was in disarray.

The son then took the car and escaped, he justified that he could not call for help because his father had taken away his mobile phone around a month ago as punishment for an argument they had. The neighbour nervously phoned 112 emergency services and recounted the details that this sole survivor of a massacre had relayed to him.

The Guardia Civil and Health services were immediately called to the scene. When they arrived at the farm known as Los Curas de Zangameño, they opened the door to find the bodies of Emmanuel, 38, and Micarla, 24, both lying on the floor in the living room. The bodies were very close to each other, almost on top of one another.

Health services could do nothing more than confirm the death. They then warned the homicide group and neighbour to take the minor back to the farm so he could explain what happened step by step.

The neighbour proceeded to take Vicente back to the farm in his car and arrived to see the house turned upside down in a mess. The drawers were open, things were all over the floor, chairs had fallen, and the sofa was lying down – staged as a robbery.

The neighbour was comforting the minor, but little did he know that he would soon become an exceptional witness and key individual to solving this case in a record time.

Everything began to shift as soon as the murder team from Toledo arrived. As soon as they got to the scene, they could rule out the notion that this was a crime focused on gendered violence with a subsequent suicide. Both because the couple suffered various shotgun wounds and because there was no trace of a weapon there.

Furthermore, the team had suspicions about the state of the house, as in order to steal there is no need to throw tables and chairs on the ground or flip the sofa, you only typically see drawers and cabinets overturned.

The state of the house would typically suggest more of a fight scenario, however, the boy says that he only heard the gunshots. Another disconcerting detail was that the corpses did not show any signs of previous injuries. Instead, the bodies looked as if they had been surprised by their death. Their clothes hinted towards the fact that they had just come from a walk through the countryside.

When questioned by the investigative team, the boy affirmed that he heard the shots whilst he was in his room. He said he leaned out, saw the bodies, and fled through the window. When his neighbour heard this version of the story he could not help being astounded at this different story.

Investigators quickly agreed that the crime scene appeared to be staged, which led them to question the minor separately and subsequently arrest him. After being arrested the young man finally confesses to his crimes.

During their conversations the boy had incurred several contradictions which officers noticed and made him free himself of his guilt by owning up to what he truly did.

Factors behind the crime point to the fact that this heinous crime had brewed after two months of quarantine with a very strict father who did not let him leave the house. The boy explains that what hurt him the most was that he took away his mobile phone and virtually isolated him and that it had been like this for almost a month. Some hypothesise that this enraged the minor and that as his father refused to return it, he began to macerate his revenge.

On the day of the crime at around eight o’clock at night the minor managed to retrieve his cell phone and sent a message to a friend, telling him that his father was in trouble and that he was scared. He warned his friend that if he did not hear from him before 11 that night, that he come to the farm to pick him up. In the town they speculate that this message was in preparation of an alibi.

The juvenile prosecutor’s office already has an idea of ​​what could have happened that night. The minor surprised his father and stepmother who had just arrived from a walk. He shot them point-blank, in the back, several times, without a word. Then he rummaged around the house and threw the furniture across the room to simulate a robbery. He hid the weapon that the Guardia Civil has still not found, probably in a bush around the area. He then he went up to his room and escaped through the window to give credibility to his story.

The residents of the town, Villarejo de Montalbán, still cannot believe what has happened and there are rumours of all kinds flying around. Especially since Emmanuel was very strict with his offspring and that they both rivalled against each other for love of his stepmother, who was far closer to the age of the son than to the age of her husband, but none of this has been proven.

They say that the minor is an educated and calm boy, excited about his professional training and future plans such as completing a degree in Computer Science. No one could ever have imagined that he would take a shotgun and, in cold blood, murder his father and stepmother.

Written by

Laura Kemp

Originally from UK, Laura is based in Axarquia and is a writer for the Euro Weekly News covering news and features. Got a news story you want to share? Then get in touch at editorial@euroweeklynews.com.