British Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca say they would rather stay in than wear a Mask

The Spanish Health Ministry has said it will be compulsory to wear a mask when you go out from Thursday this week but British expats are having none of it and say they would rather stay in!

FACE masks are to be worn at all times from Thursday is the message we get from the official bulletin, the problem is that the vast majority of local expats, already suffering from so-called ‘cage syndrome’ who can’t or don’t want to wear masks and would rather stay inside until the crisis is over.

A quick search through social media bought up some interesting quotes…

Ex Pub Landlord, Margaret Hanson, from Benidorm: “What? Nah, forget it, they (the Spanish government) can stick their masks up their a***s, I’m not doing it, I’ve been stuck here at home for over two months now, all I want to do is walk up the paseo with a fag and take the air in. How can they expect us to have a drink and a chat with friends while keep moving a daft mask out of the way? Tt’s crazy, stuff em, let them fine me!”

Liam Andrews from Marbella said: “Here we go again, do this and do that, we may as well be in China. Just let it go now, I work in Puerto Banus and the bar is still closed, no-one is going to come in when they have to wear masks. Of course, I understand the reason but why move us into Phase 1 and introduce this compulsory law? I read on the internet the other day that a jogger collapsed and nearly died through wearing a mask while running and a driver in America fainted and crashed down a hill through wearing a mask.”

Sandra Evans from Fuengirola, is another expat that can’t wear a mask because she claims it scares her cat!

Sandra: “I was telling my friends on Facebook, I had a kit delivered last week from Mijas Town Hall, great I thought, I’ll put it on later when I go for my walk. I didn’t think it would scare the life out of the cat! It took two days to get him back!”

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Written by

Tony Winterburn

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    • Richard Tarran

      20 May 2020 • 12:32

      Are these people for real or are they complete and utter idiots ??????
      The comments are ridiculous, and even a 5 yr old would have more commonsense

    • Marlyn

      20 May 2020 • 12:41

      Shocked at expat comments re wearing masks.. A little sacrifice might save a life.. Sad to hear a”fag”is more important..
      Hope the lady enjoys a long life and stays in Benidorm..
      Save lives wear masks… You know it makes sense

    • DS8819

      20 May 2020 • 14:00

      Sadly it’s this me-me-me attitude that has caused covid-19 to run rampant throughout communities and will continue to do so with such numbskulls in our midst.
      Walking along the paseo for great air with a fag is surely contradictory!
      Had they have been affected by the virus, or had lost loved-ones or family due to the disease I’m sure they would have a very different attitude. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives worldwide to this pandemic, the selfish insensitivity of these mindless individuals who blatently fluant the law at the expense of others health needs to be seriously addressed.
      These are the type of ignorant morons who happily blow their expelled cigarette smoke (potentially containing the virus) into the faces of others whilst THEY are out trying to enjoy fresh air.
      So…. I urge the Spanish authorities to go out in force and impose huge fines upon Margaret the pub landlord and the other ignorant, selfish, pathetic morons to rid them off our streets away from those who DO respect the health of themselves and that of others.

      • Tom Collopy

        21 May 2020 • 09:38

        Agree absolutely! 👍

    • Iolanda

      20 May 2020 • 15:35

      Idiocy is worst than covid19…

    • Mary

      20 May 2020 • 16:34

      While I agree that masks be worn in shops. As a person with breathing problems I do not think they are necessary outdoors as long as people observe social distancing. I was delighted to get out and get some fresh air. Now I won’t be able to go out without a mask, and this only adds to the problem, so therefore I will be obliged to stay indoors.

    • Andrew

      20 May 2020 • 16:35

      If you don’t like the rules here in Spain go somewhere else. You’re not invincible, you’re not immune to either the law or CV19. These idiots infuriate me.

      • Tom Collopy

        21 May 2020 • 09:41

        I agree with you 100% Andrew, if they don’t like the rules, go elsewhere, where they are not too pushed about public health in general…

    • Rock Dinosaur

      20 May 2020 • 16:36

      Reading these ridiculous comments explains why some Brit expats are treated as second class citizens. These views infuriate me with their shallow focus on fags and beer. They had no issue moving to Spain, no doubts for cheap fags and beer, but feel they do not need to abide by their laws and dispkay a total disregard for their adopted country. All this to avoid wearing a mask.

    • Pat Maloney

      20 May 2020 • 17:05

      I’m sure the ex landlady was only saying it in jest it’s British humour come on a fag and a walk up the beach frustration that’s all

    • Edith Schwarz

      20 May 2020 • 17:57

      Go Back to England. Could mply with the rules of the country you have chosen to live in or go

    • Russell Whittaker

      20 May 2020 • 18:21

      Its not compulsory to wear a mask out,if you can easily keep your social distancing.Its compulsory if there is difficulty doing that.Ive not worn a mask since lockdown but have ordered some so I can comply when required.

    • Janine

      20 May 2020 • 19:13

      Well that the british for you, in a foreign country and still feel they have the right to do what they want. Yes stay indoors with the mask up your arse!!

    • Anthony

      20 May 2020 • 20:14

      All on the agenda. We will be puppets from now on.. Wear a mask, go home now. Do as your told. What do people expect when just believe the governments of the world’s narrative. Questions should have been asked why why why. Sheep of the world brought this nanny state to us. Now where bound by what they say or what can do.

    • Andrew

      20 May 2020 • 20:18

      I’m in complete despair with most of the expats who have been quoted in the euro weekly news recently. They come across either as completely selfish or lacking in even rudimentary intelligence and common sense. There’s a few exceptions to that but not many.

    • maryellen bailey

      20 May 2020 • 20:49

      I am non resident have a house in Spain and will gladly wear a mask I have them since February and I am waiting patiently to get over there to check the house out I have been in isolation for 7weeks already 2 more weeks will not be hard to do I am just trying to keep safe because I am 86 years old I am not ready to leave this world just yet Have common sense you only have to stay safe until you are advised otherwise 🤞🤞🤞🤔hopefully this will soon be safe for everyone to enjoy life as appreciate you and your family are alive

    • Laura

      20 May 2020 • 21:09

      Are these British , in according to them Expats but in according to the rest of the World immigrants , at least after Brexit, for real with the masks??? Maybe If they don’t want to wear masks and may put people in danger should consider to go back to England !! Or respect the law of where you live! Assholes!!

    • David Jackson

      20 May 2020 • 21:18

      Well if they dont like it simply leave Spain. Problem solved

    • Stephen Mark Foyle

      20 May 2020 • 23:51

      Please explain what has changed since the virus 10 weeks ago, all the measures taken have been to stop movement, but the virus is still there and perhaps with us for ever. Just like the flu virus with have within the world. The controls are becoming redicullous. Wearing a mask should of been from day one.

    • Cesar

      21 May 2020 • 01:01

      First of all can we call them by their name? They are MIGRANTS that expat thing is something they came up with because apparently the word migrant relates them to things they don’t like.
      Second if they don’t like the Spanish rules they can sod off and move their arses back to their beloved Englad. Surely they will love it more there. And finally let them go out without mask. Surely the Spanish police will make them understand why they need to wear them. The only thing is that they might end up in hospital after the police explanation.

    • Dean

      21 May 2020 • 07:51

      The law is if you can not self distance ie shopping a crowded street you can not stay 2mtr apart an alleyway you have to wear it , keep it around your neck , infact as common sense it should be what you have been doing for weeks without being told this is why it is now a law because thick arogant persons no matter what nationality
      think it is below them to do such a thing (Its a Trump Thing ) you can sit with known friends as usual dont have to keep covering your face just have ot on incase you encounter the above if you can read it explains it if not get somebody to read it for you

    • Paul

      21 May 2020 • 09:06

      This has to be fake news, no body can be this ignorant of the global situation.

    • Jackie

      21 May 2020 • 09:35

      Sad to hear that once again the attitude of certain British ex- pat’s confirm that they are pain in the backside to society and I am ashamed to let anyone know that I’m British.
      If any of them had bothered to check properly they would know that the masks are only compulsory when it is not possible to maintain the 2 metre safe distance, inside and outside. Anyone who has breathing difficulties does not have to wear a mask. However, if you’ve got breathing difficulties, why would you want to be out anyway?? Beats me!!

    • Paul

      21 May 2020 • 11:45

      Only the dumb masses are still believing the covid-1984 Hoax, this is the world government implementing tyranny and compliancy testing the sheeple if they will obey nonsensical edicts; looks like half the people are terminally dumb and will do whatever the experts say whenever they decide to play Simon says on the dumb masses. It’s literally just the flu, old and sick people have been succumbing to the flu before this and the world wasn’t shut down. This is tyranny on the back of a hoax pandemic.

    • Russell Ramsden

      21 May 2020 • 12:15

      I agree it’s very irresponsible, however it is not only British ex Pat’s. I only read yesterday and saw pictures of Spanish locals falling around in the street drunk with no masks or care for others. Don’t paint everyone with the same brush.

      • Kevin

        21 May 2020 • 17:25

        The Police will enforce the law I am sure. After living here 30 years I know they don’t mess about. Don’t come here and dictate instead get a flight back to wherever you come from and spread covid19 there. Idiots.

    • Suzanne Redhead

      21 May 2020 • 15:07

      I am lost for words no wonder some of us xpats are frowned upon what an attitude to take it is selfish idiots like these that could probably take us back a stage fine they won’t wear a mask then stay in your house we don’t want you out

    • Robbie

      21 May 2020 • 15:47

      Well said Janine.
      The brits cause trouble all over the world.

    • brian cronin

      21 May 2020 • 17:11

      absolutely agree with most of the comments about these idiotic “ex pats”. We’re Irish ex pats but know that any of our British friends here don’t share the views of those selfish eedjits!! We are fortunate to be living in this great country and we’ll just tough it out for as long as it takes and help one another to get through this difficult time. Irish Brian

    • I.H Rudge

      21 May 2020 • 21:22

      I heard that Trump said the other day that he didn’t wear a mask because, ‘it would look ridiculous’, and that people would think he was scared! This is sort of ‘ macho bravado’ exists amongst a certain type of Brit who wouldn’t be see dead with a half pint in their hand either. Morons both.


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