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Can’t be trusted

Dear Euro Weekly,
I took my cat to the vet because he had problems going to the toilet. The vet suggested that my cat stay overnight and he would take care of him. Around 8 p.m. he told me that he emptied his bladder but his heart is unstable. He gave him medicine and he was now asleep. However, I received a call the next morning to say my cat died because of heart failure.
I went to pick up my cat and asked if I can take my cat home and come back to fix the bill another day. As I was returning to the clinic, I met two policemen who told me I should ask for the obligation paper from the clinic. At the clinic and I asked the vet some questions which seemed to make him angry. He started yelling and when I asked for the medical papers he told me to leave or he will call the police. All of a sudden, he pulled my arm and dragged me across the floor from the shop to the street. I was really scared and ran back inside to call 112.
The police asked me to go to hospital and report it to Guardia Civil. However, suddenly I felt a pain near my stomach, I couldn’t feel my fingers. I fell down on the floor, I couldn’t move. The police called an ambulance, and when they arrived they said I had an anxiety attack. I have since filed a denuncia but I just wanted readers to know to be careful as I thought this was a man I could trust but now I have lost my beloved cat.

Diana Wang
Mija Costa

Pen pals

Hello Leapy,
Believe it or not, I have afforded myself time to sit down and read the EWN (7-13 May).
Seldom do I get inspired to put “pen to paper” about political issues, instead, I spout off to my, long-suffering wife, to vent my frustrations! You could not have spoken truer and wiser words with reference to the, predominantly, left-wing inspired BBC. Personally, I don’t think it stops with the BBC, but it is certainly dominated by them. As tax-paying citizens of a democratic country, we should demand unbiased, informative reporting, and, NOT anti-Conservative party mind games. Everyone is entitled to their political opinions but journalists have a duty to broadcast factual information that is not influenced by their own, or that of the giant organisations who pay their generally over-inflated wages, political persuasions. At sad and serious times as we now find ourselves in, this has never been more important.
Keep up the good work.

Peter Wythe

Timebomb in Marbella

Dear Euro Weekly News,
Tomorrow is the opening of NAO pool-club, swimming pool, bar, terrasse and, some weekends, nightclub. The once quiet residential streets of Nueva Andalucia will again be filled with twelve hours of mind-numbing dance music and lined with prostitutes waiting for customers. The neatly cut grass otherwise used by children now used as an open loo and to discard needles and other drug paraphernalia. Speeding sports cars roar closely along with the parked cars. The NAO Facebook page announces over three hundred participants in the opening festivities. This cannot play out safely. The question is, however, who gave them permission to have a rampant activity like this in the middle of residential Marbella and for an opening bacchanal during a pandemic?

Olaf Broers

Don’t like it? Lump it!

Dear Euro Weekly News,
I am just writing as have seen so many Brits moaning on your Facebook posts and I am completely sick of it. May I suggest that if they do not want to wear masks they should stay at home and surely their world does not revolve around drinking in the bars although it makes them furious that they cannot go there. If they do not enjoy their life here then they should just go home.
I am very happy with Pedro Sanchez, as he has done a smashing job of keeping this country under control. I live in La Colina in Torremolinos and we have had hardly any cases of Covid here thanks to the lockdown and our locals respecting social distancing and wearing their masks.
Just to let you know that not all Brits are moaning.

Caroline McCafferty
La Colina

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Damon Mitchell

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As frontman of a rock band Damon used to court the British press, now he lives the quiet life in Spain and seeks to get to the heart of the community, scoring exclusive interviews with ex-pats about their successes and struggles during their new life in the sun.

Originally from Scotland but based on the coast for the last three years, Damon strives to bring the most heartfelt news stories from the spanish costas to the Euro Weekly News.

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