Has everyone lost their minds?!

Yeah, I know that might sound rich coming from me- as I’ve recently written about my Autism and some of my mental health issues attached to it.
But I’d like to say that I’ve always thought logically and rationally! Quite frankly, I’m gobsmacked at how many friends and local people are now falling for the COVID Conspiracies!

There seemed to be a spike in them after the State of Alarm was extended. People I thought of as intelligent and level-headed are acting completely out of character and now coming out with the most ridiculous theories. These seem to be based on nothing more than information from conspiracy videos, copied and pasted on social media and memes. Anti-science is the new black! I roll my eyes when I hear people ask, “these so-called experts– what do they know?”

Well, quite a lot. They have trained for years to get where they are in their professions. I understand people are getting frustrated. Bills are mounting up. Boredom and loneliness too. It’s a strenuous time for us all. But what I fail to go along with is the belief that the government here are lying to us and purposely trying to bring the country to its knees. There is absolutely no logic in that whatsoever! Why would any government purposely implement policies that would destroy the economy and ruin their reputation? It’s detrimental for them at the next election. There is no logic in it!

Another crazy theory I heard was that it’s all a plot to vaccinate us with microchips for mind control to facilitate New World Order. Seriously! Well, if conspiracies were true–they could have just left the planes in the sky to carry on spraying us with those pesky Chemtrails! I suppose I shouldn’t mock really; mental health is bound to suffer in confinement. Yes, it’s an awful situation, with no real winners at the end. But there is no ideal solution to solve it either. Even if people don’t like or trust this government, the virus is real. There is no valid reason why the W.H.O, all the other worldwide governments, doctors, scientists, careworkers etc. would all tell the same unanimous lie to us! The World has never agreed on anything!

Unless we’re getting back that New World Order theory– the belief that the Illuminate and lizards in the moon are controlling everything (yes, some people do believe that!). My brain hurts just thinking about what people believe! It is an awful situation and the hardships we face will be enormous. But let’s not lose touch with reality. Just weeks ago, the same people that had ‘Stay Home’ badges on their Facebook profiles and were proudly clapping at 8pm every night, are now saying it’s all a scam. Some are even banging pans and shouting in anger, instead! Nothing has changed in those few weeks, only that the numbers of infections and deaths were coming down. We must have been on the right path for that to happen, can we get back on it, please?
Deep breaths and think rationally. Maybe try some meditation. It’ll be impossible to rebuild the economy if we’re all in the looney bin!

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Written by

Julie Frank