Other People’s Opinions Are None of Your Business

With what is going on in the world right now, everyone seems to have an opinion.
Having an opinion about anything is completely natural. It’s a part of life! But ask yourself some questions. How is your opinion affecting others? Is your opinion kind? Is your opinion factual? Does your opinion need to be shared? Does your opinion spread love or fear?

Everyone in the world has feelings. You can never take a feeling away from others but you can respect it. You can also respect other people’s opinions but you do not have to let it run your life or assist you in making or changing your decisions. 7 years ago, I told friends and family that we were moving to Spain. We weren’t financially secure, we had 2 young children and 9 suitcases with no guarantee of work! Some supported our decisions, others didn’t! We were told we were crazy, we were told we would be back within a year, we were told it wouldn’t work.

These were people’s opinions. Their opinions were generated from their own fear. If we had listened to those opinions, there is a strong case that we would still to this day, be plodding along and existing. Our children would never have experienced a different culture and learned a new language at such a young age. We knew these people cared for us, but we knew what WE wanted to do. We respected their opinion, thanked them for their input, blessed and released any form of negativity and continued with our plan. That plan has been the making of our family’s lives!

People will have an opinion, no matter what you say or do. People will judge no matter what decisions you make in life. People will react to your decisions through their own experiences, thoughts and feelings but that doesn’t make it right for you. Today is the day that you tell yourself; Other people’s opinions are none of my business. I will live my life, my way with my choices. I will fear the fear and do it anyway. Are you ready to set yourself free?

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