Virus Kills Poorer People in Spain As Opposed to Wealthy

THE coronavirus is killing many more poorer people in Spain, compared to the wealthy.

That’s according to a survey in the north-east region of Catalonia produced by a health inequality group.

The study by a regional health department institute cross-checked Catalonia’s coronavirus cases and fatalities up to May 7 against age and incomes.

In the 45 to 64 age range, the study showed a mortality rate of 100 per 100,000 men in the lowest income group, while in the wealthiest group the rate dropped to just 20 deaths.

Although deaths were much lower among women, the gap between the groups was the same: 50 deaths versus 10.

The gap was slimmer in the 65 to 79 age range, with a male mortality rate of around 500 per 100,000 in the poorest group versus 250 in the wealthiest.

Among women, the difference was of approximately 300 deaths versus 100 between both groups.

For those above 79 years old, the rate among men was around 2,830 deaths per 100,000 in the poorest group and 1,910 in the wealthiest. Among women it was 1,360 versus 1,090.

“When the pandemic ends, we will need to analyse all the figures and reach conclusions that help design health policies,” said Anna Garcia-Altes, director of the Health Inequalities Observatory that conducted the study.

The Observatory did not go into specifics about the variations, except for financial income differences.

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