Husband in India Uses Cobra To Kill His Wife After Viper Attempt Fails

Seized Illegal Cobras Rehomed In Spain’s Benidorm File Photo EWN

A MAN has been arrested for killing his wife in India after releasing a cobra in her bedroom.

The husband, named as Sooraj, lived in the state of Kerala and was detained along with the snake owner.

It emerged that he got a poisonous viper in March which left his wife Uthra hospitalised for two months.

It was during her recovery period at home that she was fatally attacked by the second snake, which her husband threw at her.

Sooraj had been in touch with various snake owners and experts, after the couple were said to have had problems in their marriage.

Her background was affluent and she brought a dowry to the relationship, which Sooraj feared losing if they broke up.

That in effect meant that he looked at the option of murder, with Uthra’s parents getting suspicious after she died when the widower tried to get his hands on all of her financial assets a few days later.

Over the fatal snake attack the police said in a statement:

“Sooraj stayed in the same room as Uthra as if nothing had happened. He was going about his morning routine the next day when he was alerted by Uthra’s mother’s screams,” a police statement said.

“They took her to the hospital where the doctor said she had died,” they added.

Police confirmed the marriage had involved a huge dowry comprising nearly 100 gold coins, a new car and some 500,000 rupees in cash.

“Sooraj feared that divorcing Uthra would mean giving back all the dowry. That’s when he decided to kill her,” the statement said.

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