Spain’s Mar Menor Area Beaches Getting Mass 15-Day Clear Up of Algae and Waste

SPAIN’S Mar Menor area is seeing its beaches getting a mass 15-day clear up of algae and natural waste.

The immediate move has been ordered by the Murcia regional government, which will see 90 people divided into 18 teams working across the coastline.

Both the Cartagena and San Javier areas will see six teams allocated to each of them, with five workers in each work party, whilst three teams have been assigned to Los Alcázares and to San Pedro del Pinatar.

The director general of the Mar Menor, Miriam Pérez, visited Los Urrutias to see the start of the cleansing operation and slammed the State Coastal department for ‘abandoning’ the local municipalities and the fact that beaches have not prepared for the summer season with the appropriate cleansing and repair measures.

“If we to increase what we are doing, then we will do that because of the Murcian government’s total commitment to the Mar Menor,” commented Pérez.

She took a further swipe at national authorities by adding: “If the State does not share our concerns, then we will work alone to rebalance the ecosystem and the beaches.”

The work teams will have all the equipment they need to remove all the natural waste on the beaches by hand, and then will dump the material into a vehicle.

Natural waste has been a regular problem hitting the Mar Menor beaches, and Pérez in firing another shot in the direction of Madrid.

“We don’t rule out passing on the cost of this operation to whoever should be responsible for paying for it.”

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