KEN DOES THE BARBIE! Enjoy the summer in Spain!

Here comes summer! The air is warming up and it will soon be time for everyone to start lighting up those barbecues.

All over Spain, men will be crawling over each other to pop on a pinny and do the cooking! We’ll be inviting friends round to the house for afternoon sessions of cheap booze, burnt bangers and steak that you could use to line the bottom of your shoe. This is one time of the year that the man of the house takes over and does the cooking. It’s the only sport where a fat bald man is God! Let’s just take a look at what really happens!
It’s the lady of the house that buys the food. She spends a few hours in the kitchen preparing the salads to go with the meat, a tangy coleslaw or some garlic potatoes. After that, she tenderizes the meat and soaks it in various marinades, placing it on a tray with all the utensils laid out. She takes all the food outside and sets it up ready for cooking while the man lazes back in his chair having a beer with the guests. All of a sudden Mr. Masterchef bursts into action. Oh yes, the self-appointed expert takes over. With a swish of his spatula and a flip of his fork the sizzling begins. As the food is cooking the lady brings out the crockery and the bread and lays it all out for everyone.
A good time is had by all. Various overcooked meats are piled high like some sort of edible work of art for everyone to help themselves. Once the feast has been finished and the last burger has been eaten, the lady of the house clears away the dishes. Off she goes to the kitchen. The contented throng of guests all praise the man on his cooking skills and thank him for all his hard work. They tell him how difficult it must have been to cook in such extreme heat, poor thing! He then asks his wife how she enjoyed her day off from doing the cooking and when he sees her perplexed reaction he concludes that there is just no pleasing her.
Have a great summer and enjoy the barbie folks!
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