Mask it, or casket? Your choice?

As I’m writing this, it’s the end of a very historic day.

The day the temporary law came into force and it became compulsory that we wear these oppressive facemasks in busy public places. I thought I would tell you all about my extremely traumatic experience of Day1, wearing the ghastly mask…
Well, quite Frankly, the new law made sod all difference to me. I’ve happily worn one in public places for the last two months, regardless. It’s not traumatic, oppressive (blah blah) in the slightest. It was the same as any other day! I’m well aware the jury is out on the effectiveness of wearing a mask for yourself. But my theory has always been to act like I have the virus. To put as much of a barrier between myself and frontline staff/public as possible- because I could be an unknown carrier.
The masks are proven to help protect other people. I’ve heard many people moan about wearing them. They say, “you can’t breathe properly”- you can, I’ll tell you what- wait until you have COVID, then you’ll really know what it’s like not to breathe properly! Other excuses– “it’s a violation of my rights”– so dramatic, what about the rights of those you could infect? “You can choke from your own C02”– ridiculous, I haven’t in the last two months, nor do doctors and nurses; they’re only dangerous if you do high-intensity exercise with them on. “I haven’t time to be putting them on and taking them off”– give over, it takes 2 seconds each move. “Why should I be told what to wear?”– well, there is another choice, you don’t have to wear one if you don’t go out. “You touch your face more”– rubbish. It’s a reminder that you have something on your face and not to touch it. “It’s too hot in the sun”– no it’s not, they’re very lightweight and it’s actually better for the skin to have a shield from the sun’s damaging rays.
There are more lame excuses I roll my eyes at. Unless you have chronic breathing problems, there are no viable excuses for flouting this law. The sooner the pandemic is completely under control, the sooner we can all get back to enjoying the freedoms we miss, and the masks can come off! No one is asking us to go and fight in the trenches or climb up Everest. It’s very easy; stay indoors as much as possible, wash your hands, keep a distance from others when out and if you can’t– wear a mask. It’s a very small effort to help protect the elderly and vulnerable members of society and help prevent healthcare workers from treating more sick people. It’s the very least we owe them. Stop being so damn selfish! Wear a mask, or more of them will bein the caskets.
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Julie Frank