5 tips to keep the flame alive during the Covid-19

Love is a very powerful feeling. One that influences everything, that makes you see everything bright and pink.

It even changes daily actions or ways of thinking. Something uncontrollable that intensifies all emotions, both positive and negative. It can be felt towards family, friends and even more intensely by lovers, couples or sexual partners such as the escorts in London.

But it is not enough to feel it, you have to take care of it. Especially in situations like the one we are living right now. A very special one in which two scenarios can happen. The first one where, with luck, during the quarantine and confinement many countries are going through, the two lovers get to live together.

And on the other hand, the one they have to stay separated during this whole process. A week, a month, two… The uncertainty, the fear, the change of routine, the distance or intense coexistence, the bombardment of constant news of the COVID and a long etcetera that does not leave indifferent anyone can easily ruin a relationship.

All this affects too much to any type of relationship, from work related ones to love ones, even those of professionals such as the escorts in Madrid. During a time when most governments are asking for unity and collective thinking, the result may be exact opposite. Especially when the desire and anxiety for physical contact and, of course, sexual relations skyrocket. That is why we must know how to act in order to care for them and overcome the pandemic stronger than ever.

Tips to keep and strengthen the relationship in times of COVID

Continue with a routine:

It is very important to do this as much as possible, even if it is at home. Some exercise, keeping in touch with loved ones, remote working, watching a film or show… There are many different options available.

This way you can keep your concentration and your mind busy. Giving you meaning as the hours go by and the days and nights pass. Things that can be done together or separately. Sharing time and missing each other from time to time is basic to a relationship.


Having your own space of trust where you can express yourself with sincerity is key. Keep in touch, in person or from a distance so you can get off everything that you may be feeling these days.

Those manias that normally wouldn’t mean much, now can become something unbearable. Or maybe the lack of physical contact becomes too much. You need to be able to talk about your problems and solve them before it becomes impossible. Talk about it and get it out.

Show attraction and affection:

Whether through online apps or in person, you can keep in touch. It seems that there are no excuses anymore to talk and keep alive that spark of passion that started the relationship.

Although, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend twenty-four hours together with that special person. A daring video call, maybe a striptease, just go as far as you want beyond the “How was your day?”, always keeping in mind that you still have to show interest. Maybe some sexting, writing down all the wishes that go through your mind and that would come true being physically in the same room.

You could even hire the services of a Dublin escort to join you in a video call to spice things up. Or even go a little further and say it out loud to hear the answer and make it more exciting.

All to make the passion and attraction stronger than the quarantine. Original ways to do it beyond sending content in the form of typical erotic photos and videos to the couple.

Show interest

Show interest:

In the fourth place, you need to do this, on both sides. Small signs that indicate an interest for a person and that makes her or him feel cared for and loved are much needed.


But not the one displayed on books or films, where sending flowers and reading poems is a must. It is about details and things that can be done to show affection and love. A simple message of “good morning”, some “I love you”, some nice words and even a “I heard this song and it reminded me of you” or “I think you would like this movie”. You don’t need big things to show your feelings or anything material.

What matters in the end are those little details. Those that seem like “nonsense” or way too simple things, and which we tend to overlook, are what really matter. Details that make the days more bearable and that now with the pandemic have been revalued along with the kisses and hugs. These “things” are what now, more than ever, can save that relationship and give hope in these difficult times. Because we will get through it together.

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