Expats lash out at phase regulations on Spain’s Costa Del Sol comparing it to being sheep

Masked Tommy Docherty

Resistance is taking place on Spain’s Costa del Sol to following the law of wearing a face mask.

THE lawmakers in Spain have introduced a compulsory law that all citizens must at all times when in public spaces wear a face mask but this hasn’t gone down well with British expats on Spain’s heavily populated regions of British nationals.

The wearing of face masks became law when Spain’s government led by current prime minister Pedro Sanchez, introduced a three phase system as the country of Spain de-escalates from a total lockdown.

The lockdown period of Phase 0 as it’s known saw citizens in Spain confined to their homes for three months, only allowed to leave for essentials and was heavily enforced.

Thousands and thousands of fines were handed out during the period ranging between €100-500 and many arrests were made too with several serial flouters of the law sent to Spanish prisons for lengthy terms of up to three months for lack of compliance.

Citizens on Spain’s Costa del Sol have reached Phase 1, whilst other regions of Spain have reached Phase 2, thus the citizens can now visit bars and restaurants as well as local stores, as long as they adhere to the ruling of wearing a face mask and also social distancing. Although Phase 2 starts tomorrow, face masks will still be required.

Social distancing involves citizens staying two metres from each other, whilst business operations can only entertain 50 per cent of its normal capacity.

Resistance though is apparent from citizens especially nationals from Great Britain.

The British don’t seem to be used to such tough regulations.

This morning Euro Weekly News sent a local reporter, onto Spain’s Costa del Sol to investigate the situation.

On arrival to a small local bar, found immediate resistance, without opening his lips, as he came across Andy Millar originally from Glasgow in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Andy Millar.

As soon as our reporter had ordered a coffee, Millar went into a rage:

“Take your mask off, you don’t need to wear it in here, only the waitress is required to wear one, it’s only on the street we have to act like sheep and follow the crowd.

“Isn’t it bloody crazy, we should all be able to just get on with it, do you know more people die of the flu each year! Do we wear masks for that?” he ranted.

“This Spanish government has got the law so wrong and this phase nonsense is just crippling the economy and destroying businesses, look at how many are shut down already and not reopening.

“In Britain, we have had it just as bad and already we are releasing from the lockdown there in a positive manner trying to protect the economy as well as the people, here we have to act like sheep in masks following the flock, I just don’t get it, I really don’t”

As the conversation spread across the quaint bar others also voiced their opinions of the same nature.

Tommy Docherty.

I agree with Andy, it’s plain stupid in my eyes – I don’t see the sense of it at all, a fella had a heart attack the other day wearing a mask in the heat, it’s going to be 30 degrees Celsius today and we are expected to wear a mask, you can’t breathe,” said Mr Tommy Docherty.

“Everyone I speak to, through a mask of course feels exactly the same way,” he continued.

“Spain’s government has been too harsh, I prefer the laws they have at home in Scotland, slightly more controlled than England’s but enough, it’s like a police state around here at present, I was only arrested by the police last week for sitting on a bench,” he finished with.

Spain’s citizens though despite their disapproval will have to wait until they come out of Phase 3 until they can remove the masks despite the disapproval.


    • Robin Ancill

      31 May 2020 • 14:31

      If you dont like the restrictions go back to the UK

    • Thomas

      31 May 2020 • 14:36

      The language of the law requires a face mask in public places “WHERE SOCIAL DISTANCING IS NOT POSSIBLE”. So if you are 2 meters away from others and can msintsin that distance., (such as a walk in an uncriwded area), no face mask is required. Of course, police will always try to make a show of power even when unauthorsed. We sheep need to be kept in line.

    • Jane jones

      31 May 2020 • 14:41

      If you don’t like it, go back to Uk and do what you want and then wonder why there is a 2nd wave. Idiots

    • Paul

      31 May 2020 • 22:37

      If you’re not happy with the rules here, you can always do us all a favour and piss off back to the UK!!!

    • Neil Kemp

      31 May 2020 • 23:10

      This is Spain, not the UK, so stop trying to rule the roost. Those days are long gone. Don’t ruin the great relationship we have with the Spanish. Follow the rules or go back to I UK. Spain can do without you.

    • Joanna Weber

      01 June 2020 • 00:43

      I think you are wtong Spain has done a far better job than the UK have. They have enforced the law. We have just been asked to do something. Masks whats the problem wear them for protection. You are in Spain if you dont like it then return to the UK. Because of stupidty we are probably goung to have a second spike in a couple of weeks abd i find it extremely worrying.

    • Dougie tanton

      01 June 2020 • 09:51

      They are here to protect us they have done a better job here then in the uk the death toll is still high but they send kids back to school boris Johnson and co do not listen to ther scientist so if you not happy go back to uk and stop moaning think off all the people that have died stop being selfish

    • Helen Breddy

      01 June 2020 • 10:55

      Why not interview the 99% of ex pats, who are happy about the way the Spanish Government have dealt with the virus rules and regulations, keeping us safe. These guys are in the minority of idiots who need to get back to wishy washy Boris. Stop knocking the rules that the rest of us feel safe living under!!!!

    • Paul

      01 June 2020 • 11:46

      We were terrorised with 9/11 and then after that going through airports we all get treated like potential terrorists. Now we are being terrorised by the NWO once again this this telling us the flu is a killer pandemic. Now our punishment is masks, then track and trace, RFID chips, constant ‘vaccines’ and covid-1984 tests; we’re being led like sheep to the slaughter. This has nothing to do with it being in Spain, it’s a NWO, the WHO clearly states that is what this hoax is all about, making a NWO under the guise of a pandemic.

    • Nick

      01 June 2020 • 13:47

      Another embarrassing brit abroad who gives the rest of us a bad name. Probably never sets foot in a Spanish bar and thinks a paella is foreign muck!

    • Brian O’Flynn

      01 June 2020 • 13:48

      When in any country, home or abroad, you are required to obey the law of face the consequences. The vast majority do.
      Please EuroWeekly STOP giving a platform to these brainless anti-everything moaners. Plus, I’d like add my vote to the many who told those fellows to pack up and go home!!

    • Linda Rowe

      02 June 2020 • 01:46

      This report is not a true reflection of the British ex pats, we are all happy to be protected and are nite than happy to wear masks, in fact I intend to wear mine for a long time to come. Especially when traveling.

      People in the UK wish they had the same restrictions.

      Speak to us in a very highly populated ex part community. Everyone I’ve spoken to are happy. You get the odd few who sake they are not going to wear a mask. But then you always get some people who object. This is for our own good.

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