Get Out Of Your Own Way

It’s Time to Take responsibility.
I am not one of those mentors who tells you your life will be perfect and full of roses. I don’t stroke your ego and tell you how wonderful you are on a daily basis. What’s the point in that? Does it help you overcome your negative mindset? No! It actually enhances it. If you want sympathy, I’m not the girl for you. I empathize, I support, I care, but I also kick your a*se and teach you how to overcome your current thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Let’s take the current situation we are all in at the moment.
Lockdown can be hard for some and I totally get it. You’re lead by fear, by uncertainty and you don’t know what to do. That is fine. No one has ever experienced this before therefore, our thoughts can become erratic. We create scenarios in our mind that we convince ourselves to be true. But ask yourself; Is this how you want to stay? Do you want to live the rest of your life in fear? Do you want to feel anxious about stepping outside of your front door? Do you want to feel anger when you read the latest update? I’m pretty certain that the answer is no!

So what will you do?
Some people love to live on Negative Street. They thrive on other people’s sympathy and have no interest in change. They’re offered help but decline it each time. If that’s you, that is fine. If that is how you choose to live, that is entirely up to you but please be prepared that people in your circle will outgrow you. There are others who live with a negative mindset, and are unsure how to get out of it. I hear you! I too was little miss negative pants. I knew I needed help but was ashamed to ask. I felt it meant I was admitting to failure. I was wrong and if you are feeling like that, you are wrong too! Asking for help shows strength and courage. It’s telling you that you want to live a better life, you want to feel at peace and be happy but you have to get out of your own way, take responsibility for your actions and physically take that step.

You can’t tell yourself you need help and then do nothing about it. You can’t convince yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes. If not now, when?
That’s what I tell people who initially contact me and say I will do it soon or maybe next week. If you’re not willing to change, nothing will change. You will blink and all of a sudden you’re in your 80s, looking back and saying to yourself, ‘I wished I had taken action.’
Is this how you want to remember your life? Do you want to have regrets? Do you want to feel disappointed with your actions? Or do you want the chance to set yourself free?

I will be doing a free, 4 day set yourself free course and will give you the tools to start living a positive life with a positive mindset. If you would like to join in, you can either email [email protected] or contact me via Facebook

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