What you can do in Phase 3

Andalucía is set to heave a huge sigh of relief as the whole region enters Phase 3 of the de-escalation on Monday 8th June.

After one of the most draconian lockdowns in Europe, we will soon be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like having a cold beer at the bar or taking the family to the cinema once again!

Here’s a rundown of what’s allowed in Phase 3

In the Workplace

Home working is encouraged wherever it is possible.

Businesses, shops and shopping centres are authorised to open as long as they take all the necessary measures to protect staff. New requirements include the use of protective equipment (PPE), staggered timetables to help with social distancing and the provision of hand sanitisers or soap and water for staff. Employees are required to use PPE if it is not possible to ensure 2m social distancing.

Social Measures

Phase 3 allows for gatherings and outings in groups of no more than 20 people, all of whom should respect social distancing. PPE must be worn in enclosed areas and also outdoors if social distancing is not guaranteed.

Movement around the country is restricted to essential travel for health, work, care for dependents or the elderly or to return to a place of residence.

Movement between provinces in Malaga may be authorised in Phase 3 by the Junta de Andalucía in meetings scheduled for later today.

As from Monday, there will be no more time slots for different age groups to exercise although we are urged to protect the vulnerable by observing social distancing.

Up to a maximum of 50 people can attend a wake or funeral if it is held outside, 25 people indoors.

Places of worship are permitted 75% capacity with a maximum of 150 people outdoors and 75 inside.

Wedding ceremonies can now go ahead with no more than 150 guests outdoors and 75 in enclosed spaces.


Shops and businesses are able to open to 50% capacity, ensuring social distancing between customers with clear signs and floor markings.

Opening hours have to include times set aside for the over-65.

Street markets are able to open with half the number of stalls, with social distancing observed by customers. Products are not to be touched or handled by customers. Local councils are able to increase the number of stalls in the area occupied or establish extra days to allow more market traders to return to work.

Shopping centres and large department stores are only able to open if access to common areas is limited to 40% and access to each store reduced to 50% capacity.

Cosmetics shops are not allowed to make testers available for any item handled by multiple customers such as lipsticks and perfumes.

Telephone shops must now allow customers to test phones unless supervise by a member of staff. Any product handled by a customer has to be disinfected afterwards.

Clothing shops have to ensure that fitting rooms are used by one customer at a time and disinfected each time they are used. Garments have to be sanitised before being offered to another customer, which also applies to returned items.


Bars, cafes and restaurants are able to open their interiors to 50% capacity. This does not include discos and nightclubs.

A booking system is advised for groups wishing to sit at tables or groups of tables. Social distancing must be observed between tables at all times and seating should be set out to provide the space to do so.

Customers are able to eat or drink at the bar, provided there is space for 2m social distance.

Outside terraces can open to 75% capacity.

Premises are not able to provide self-service products like tooth picks, serviette dispensers and condiments.


Communal areas of hotels are able to reopen to 50% capacity.

Enclosed spaces to be used for entertainment or gyms have to be ventilated for two hours before doors can open.

Group activities or classes have to be planned for no more than 20 people and should be held outside if possible.

Cultural Activities

Libraries can open to 50% capacity, with studying allowed subject to management approval.

Museums and art galleries will also open to 50% capacity.

Public functions such as concerts or educational activities are required to limit attendance to a number than ensures social distancing can be observed. Guided tours should be suspended until we have exited the state of emergency completely.

Monuments and attractions can open to half their usual capacity. Group visits should be in parties of no more than 20 people.

Outdoor events can only be attended by a seated audience, with necessary distancing measures in place. Open air venues should have no more than 80 people in attendance.

Por Fin!

For many of us, it feels like an eternity since we enjoyed all the things we took for granted before the pandemic. Let’s not forget that we’re still not in the clear and make sure we do everything we can to stay safe.

Let’s also remember to support our local businesses as they come out of this state of emergency. We’re all in this together, let’s keep the community spirit going!

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