Police in Costa del Sol’s Marbella Arrest 5 Individuals After a Brawl Leaves One Man Without an Eye

Violent Brawl: Man in Costa del Sol loses vision due to a severed eyeball sustained in a brawl. Credit: Pexels

Local and National Police in Marbella have arrested 5 individuals in the San Pedro Alcantara area after their involvement in a large brawl which resulted in one man losing an eye.

These five men are now being investigated for their presumed involvement in a violent brash in which around 20 individuals participated in. They are currently being scrutinised by police for crimes of tumultuous quarrel and sustained injuries.

The massive fight saw an opposing group member lose total sight from one eye as it was severed by a glass bottle.

The violent altercation took place on May 24 in the early hours of the morning, at around 02:30a.m., between two groups of young adults.

The fight soon became dangerously violent as the groups started throwing glass bottles at one another. One of the smashed bottles was picked up by a member of the groups and used to stab an opponent in the face.

This attack subsequently caused the young man to lose all vision in his eye. The glass shard was also used to bottle him in the neck which caused serious injuries and led the young man to be rushed to hospital.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, the officers successfully arrested three people in the area who were involved in this violent debacle. Amongst those arrested was the main perpetrator who caused these serious injuries with the glass bottle.

Catching the three individuals also led police to locate and identify an additional two members who were involved in the brawl. These five men, four of Paraguayan nationality and one Spaniard, are now under investigation. They are aged between 27 and 35.

The case is now under the jurisdiction of the Court of Marbella and the most serious perpetrator, who attacked the victim and severed his eyeball, has been ordered into prison with immediate action.

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Laura Kemp

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