Sánchez Rejects Casado’s Accusation that He ‘Hid’ Covid-19 Deaths

LEADER of the People’s Party (PP), Pablo Casado has continued his attack on Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez over mis-reporting of Covid-19 deaths in Spain.

Casado has levelled the accusation at Sánchez that his government has mis-managed the coronavirus pandemic in Spain. He also believes that more than 16,000 victims of the virus have been ‘hidden’ in an attempt to fool the public.

Sánchez commented today: “Two do not fight if one does not want to. I am not going to enter into any of their provocations.

“If you want unity, here is the government,” he added.

Although there have been harsh criticisms of Sánchez’ handling of the crisis, most of it comes from the opposition and to a certain extent is to be expected.

As in most democratic countries during the pandemic, a bi-partisan approach to dealing with the situation has not been been possible.

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Roxanne James