Before you start frantically typing emails of compliant, titled with, HOW DARE YOU! Hear me out!

I am a woman who has been all sizes from 8 to 18. I’ve done every diet in the world, I’ve gone from killing myself in the gym 5 days a week to sitting on my ass eating a multi pack of crisps without even breathing, so I feel I have a bloody right to type this, and I warmly welcome your views. I see and hear it daily on social media, on the TV and in magazines. You know the type of magazines I’m talking about, the ones that out celebrities for their cellulite or comment on how they have gained a pound in the last year. Yep! They’re the ones!

So, are fat people lazy? There is no one answer that fits all here. I can tell you from a personal view, that I am currently sat at my desk with a cup of coffee, typing this, wearing shorts that must have shrunk in the wash due to the lockdown chub, contemplating whether to undo the top button so I am able to breathe easier. Yes, I’m fat… AGAIN! Last year I was in control. I ate clean, didn’t skip meals, drank plenty of water and trained… HARD. I was at my strongest, fittest and boy, it felt good. Everyone commented how good I looked and I walked around with a proud strut. After 43 years, I’d finally cracked it and there was no going back.

Christmas came and so did the parties. No problem I told myself. I still have to live life and enjoy it. Enjoy it I did! I went to Liverpool and Manchester to celebrate my beautiful friend’s 40th. Family visited, drinks were flowing, as were the snacks. Our last guests left just after the three kings and by then bad habits had kicked back in. I told myself I’d start back in the gym on Monday but one Monday turned into the next Monday and the next until BOOM! Lockdown! I’d told myself I’d been too busy and not to worry too much as I’ll be fine. With lockdown in place, we couldn’t leave the house unless we went shopping so what was there to do? EAT AND DRINK! I’d pour myself a glass of wine every night with my dinner and started picking at crap food.

Crisps, sandwiches, cheese. You name it, I was eating it. My work transferred to online so I ate whilst I worked. Was I being lazy? In some places YES! I wasn’t exercising (I have weights and punch bags at home), I cooked quick and easy meals and it was easier to grab something out of the fridge than preparing a healthy meal so, yes I was being lazy. On the other hand, I was extremely busy. Lockdown was a struggle for many, therefore; my clients list had dramatically increased. I was working longer hours, helping those who were suffering, I was homeschooling my son and my time was limited. Something had to give and unfortunately, it was all too easy to give up the exercise and the thought of prepping food for hours on end and counting calories.

3 days ago, I stood on the scales and cried. The 2 stone I had lost last year was back on and it was joined by a further 7lb. I’m currently the biggest I have ever been. Nothing fits and the chub rub has started. I could let this screw with my head for weeks on end and go back to a dark place OR I can get off my fat butt and do something about it. I choose the latter! So, in a nutshell, are fat people lazy? The answer is, WHO GIVES A S*** what others think! DO YOU?! Yes I’m a lazy cook and yes I have to force myself to exercise but am I lazy as a whole? HELL NO! I’ve had fun, I’ve enjoyed the bad food but now I draw the line but with no pressure. I’ll do me, my way and will find that balance that I need. I hope you do too

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