This is How to Properly Use Your Air-Conditioning To Avoid Contracting COVID in Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca

SAFE USE: Government Issues Guidelines to Ensure Safe Use of AC Credit: Pexels.

Now that the hottest months of the year in the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca are approaching, many have been wondering how to safely use their air-conditioning in order to avoid contracting COVID-19.

The central government in Spain has released a detailed guide on how to use properly use air-conditioning units during the pandemic.

  1. The most important measure is to renew the air, if possible, at a minimum of 12.5 litres per second. To ensure this minimum renewal you can either: increase ventilation or reduce space occupation.
  2. Make sure filters are not clogged and that your air renewal system works.
  3. Disconnect any air quality controls, instead, give priority to the system’s flow per hour. It is advisable to use the maximum flow rate.
  4. If it’s possible to do so, eliminate or reduce the re-circulation of air.
  5. If there is an extraction fan in areas such as the toilet or dressers, make sure you use them permanently.
  6. If the building does not have mechanical ventilation systems, then open any accessible windows regularly.
  7. They also recommend not changing the set temperature.
  8. Humidity between 30% and 70% is considered adequate.
  9. Frequent maintenance work on the units is also recommended.
  10. In the case of someone with Covid-19 has been in the space, it is recommended that the area is ventilated for at least 4 hours before disinfection the space begins.
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