New York Times Brands Spain’s Vox Party as “The Worst Right-Wing Party in Democracy and The Most Dangerous”

The world-renowned newspaper, New York Times, has branded Spain’s Vox party as “the worst right-wing party in democracy” as well as the “most dangerous.”

The article released by the New York Times is highly critical of Vox and the role it has played during the management of the health crisis in Spain.

The article touches upon the protests that Vox organised to “demand freedom” when the country was suffering the worst pandemic in modern history which at that point had claimed 27,000 lives.

“This image portrays the worst of the right-wing in Spain since the return of democracy, and the most banal and dangerous” informs the article.

The author of the text acknowledges that “the Sanchez government failed to handle the coronavirus crisis,” adequately but he also affirms that the protests “are promoted by a “political organisation with a vocation for power.”

For this reason, the American newspaper contends that this form of protest is “an act of radical opportunism for Vox.”

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Laura Kemp

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