The Top Investing Blunders Novice Traders Should Avoid

The Top Investing Blunders Novice Traders Should Avoid

A growing number of individuals are attracted to the world of online trading due to the possibility of turning a reasonable profit within a relatively short period of time.

Whether you are considering such a side hustle or you are interested in turning an existing hobby into a full-time profession, there are a handful of mistakes to avoid along the way. Let’s take a look at four key points so that you can begin in the right direction.

Believing That There is a Sure-Fire Way to Predict the Markets

Whether referring to commodities investing or Forex trading, the fact of the matter is no one possesses the proverbial crystal ball. The markets can and will fluctuate on occasion. Although there are many useful tools which can be leveraged in order to mitigate your levels of risk, it is impossible to predict unforeseen circumstances.

Anyone who claims otherwise should be viewed with a certain amount of scepticism. Geopolitical events, decisions made by central banks and even global catastrophes will all impact the markets in one way or another.

The point is to try and remain one step ahead of the curve as opposed to believing that you have developed an all-seeing eye.

Failing to Diversify

It is always important to diversify your holdings. This is one of the best ways to stave off the volatility associated with a specific asset.

For instance, let’s imagine for a moment that the value of a blue-chip company has dramatically decreased due to poor quarterly performance figures.

In this case, another asset (such as a commodity) could very well offset any losses that might have otherwise occurred. A diversified portfolio is a stable portfolio. So, be sure to develop an appreciable range of holdings.

Emotional Involvement

The world of investments can be very exciting. There are certainly many films which try to hammer home this observation. However, it is a mistake to allow your emotions to cloud what could have otherwise been a sound judgement call.

The two most predominant emotions are greed and fear. When investors become greedy, they tend to lack a sense of prudence. Those who are afraid will often fail to take advantage of lucrative opportunities.

It is best to keep these two sensations in check as much as possible. This will allow you to make sound decisions at the appropriate times. If you ever begin to feel anxious, stressed or otherwise distracted, it is best to walk away for the time being until you are able to regain a sense of composure.

Using the Wrong Investment Platform

There are hundreds of unique investment platforms throughout the online community. Some will naturally offer more targeted services and solutions than others.

Selecting a reputable portal is therefore critical if you hope to make the most out of what the markets have to offer. Here are a handful of suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Select a platform that offers a wide range of asset classes.
  • Check to determine whether a mobile application can be downloaded.
  • Determine what types of customer service are offered in the event that you have a question.
  • Examine the charting and technical tools that are offered to customers.
  • Make sure that you fully understand all fees and commissions.

Above all, examine what others have had to say about their experiences in order to obtain a more objective point of view.

These are some of the most common trading mistakes to avoid if you hope to succeed within the investment community. As always, feel free to refer back to this article for inspiration in the future.

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