Just because you can, you don’t have to!

Out for my walk the other day, I noticed a restaurant proudly advertising that they specialise in Mexican, Indian and Italian food.

I decided this is not a place I would go to eat any of their three specialities. My reasoning is that if I wanted to eat an Indian meal wouldn’t I be better to go to an Indian restaurant that only specialised in Indian food? I would love to know if anyone has been to one of these places and if so what was it like? This pandemic is going to sort out the men from the boys. The few eateries that I have been to have all made noticeable changes- trimmed down menus and more space.

I love it. Nothing worse than being so close to the person next to you that you want to join in their conversation. I still insist I get my table with the wobbly leg of course, but no more tables in the naughty corner or the loo. The biggest bonus is they are actually pleased to see you and the service is brilliant. Of course, they are realising now they need local customers as well as tourists. Saw a talk show the other night and the host was saying that the young should go out and do their thing. Be careful, but basically get back to normal as it’s their time. We old have had our time and more or less nature should take its course with us.

Meanwhile, he’s doing his show in the comfort of his Beverly Hills mansion. If he feels so strongly, why doesn’t he insist that he goes back to doing his show live in the studio with an audience who are happy to mingle? Or maybe he won’t because the network would be terrified of the consequences. I also saw someone on the UK news saying it was too soon to open the pubs and a few other places, as they wouldn’t feel safe. I’m screaming at the TV- JUST ‘COS YOU CAN, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO! The government can open up what they like. If you aren’t comfortable don’t go. If you are then go. Simple really. Finally, I was really impressed watching 6000 Americans cheering the POTUS drink a glass of water with one hand and then throwing the glass on the floor. What all world leaders should strive to emulate

Written by

Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.