Fresh hope for Brexit deal as EU appears to compromise

EU environment commissioner on wide ranging visit to Spain

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Fisheries policy compromise is in the air as Michele Barnier has said that Brussels would be open to support a UK proposal which would divide fishing quotas that would reflect the number of fish in British waters

Scientific data would determine how long fish stay in British waters, using variables like, the temperature changing in the water, and from that and other scientific data there would be an agreement on where and when EU boats could fish in British waters.

A huge U-Turn from Brussels who had stated in the past that they wanted the same rights that they have at the moment to continue after the negotiations were completed, now they are saying that to do so would obviously be unfair.

Barnier stated that Brussels was hopeful that they could be more “creative” in other areas to keep negotiations moving.

A meeting held on June 23 but published today said:  “I am waiting with much patience for a reply from the British side.

“If there is no response, there will be no agreement on fisheries and no agreement on trade.”

“You can discuss fishing stocks regularly every year in the light of the scientific advice, so that we can protect resources and biodiversity, but negotiating access to waters and the fish in those waters every year would be impossible for 100-odd species.

“There will be no trade agreement with the UK if there is no balanced agreement on fisheries.

“Is this ‘balanced agreement’ the British position, as it is now? Certainly not.

“Is it the European position as it is today? Clearly  not.”

Personally I will await  the reply from the UK with ‘baited’ breath. But with the strength of the argument in the UK for an all-out ban on EU boats coming to British waters, Barnier has got slim chance of an agreement.

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    • Warren Shattock

      08 July 2020 • 09:41

      It’s ‘bated breath’ not ‘baited breath’! The word bated is an abbreviation of the word abated.

      • Mark T Connor

        08 July 2020 • 09:47

        Hi there, I used that spelling deliberately as a play on the word ‘bait’, as the story is about fishing rights. It was not a mistake.

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