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AS you can imagine bringing you all the breaking news here at the Euro Weekly 24 hours a day seven days a week is a monumental task.
Yesterday a story appeared with a little bit of a mishap when our reporter was putting the photograph into the headline, unfortunately, a picture of a different area was posted, (when we are picking from literally hundreds of thousands of images available to us, it’s inevitable that on occasion a slip of the mouse can occur as I’m sure you understand).
I hear you say, “no big deal, it’s surely easy to fix,” and you are correct, people who think in a normal way would, of course, accept the mistake, and quite possibly comment on the post pointing it out, or maybe make fun of it.
But there are those, unfortunately, that will take an honest accident and for whatever reason in their (obviously huge amounts of free time), will take to the internet and attempt to destroy not only the good name of the reporter but for whatever reason the Euro Weekly News itself.
Under normal circumstances I would never dream of ‘naming and shaming’ anyone, I am much too much of a gentleman for that like I said under ‘normal’ circumstances, Mr Anthony William Brown, (ahem’),  on a FaceBook page called Named and Shamed, (appropriate),  Costa Blanca wrote, and I quote “Not just the UK press trying to damage the tourist industry. Here is Euro Weekly News using an old photo of Benidorm before the restrictions and reporting 22,000 incidents in the Costa del Sol!!! Can someone tell them Benidorm is on the Costa Blanca!!!! Amazing why a newspaper that makes its living from ex-pats and tourists id (not a misprint exactly how he wrote it), so eager to destroy the tourist industry!
Not only has this ‘alleged’ gentleman posted this today, but he has led a concerted effort for quite some time now to discredit the Euro Weekly News, quite what has got his knotted hanky wound up so tight is not really clear, but he has taken every opportunity to (as the youngsters say), dis’ the newspaper, those who own the newspaper, and those who work for the newspaper.
There are never mentions of the huge amount of positive press that is always on the pages of the Euro Weekly News, there are no links within the page to the awards the newspaper has received over the years, never any links to charity events that are sponsored by EWN.
So just to balance the books a little, here is what’s on the Wikipedia site about the EWN: The Euro Weekly News Media Group was nominated in the AEEPP (Asociaciòn Española de Publicaciones Periòdicas) ninth annual awards ceremony held September 30, 2014 in Madrid. Euro Weekly News.  President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez, presented the Diploma of Honour to EWN Operations Manager Nicki Burgess. It was the only English language publication to be honoured.
In the Costa del Sol Business awards by CADE (Centre for Entrepreneurial Development of Marbella) the EWN was named as Company of the Year.
The Euesdens, in their capacity as owners of the EWN, appeared on TV being interviewed by Piers Morgan for an ITV documentary on Marbella in 2010. There have also been appearances on the Jeremy Vine Show and BBC News about benefit fraudsters.  The company has also been involved in Benidorm’s Got Talent, a talent show based in the Costa Blanca city. After the opening act, co-presenters Steve Shappelle and David Climent (Entertainment Director for Benidorm Palace) introduced the judges: EWN publishers Michel and Steven Euesden.
The EWN has and continues also to sponsor the Marbella International Film Festival which brings ‘independent’ filmmakers from across the globe together each year.  The EWN also continues to support a wide variety of charities.  This has been in many forms and for a wide variety of subjects from big UK based charities to individuals and organisations in Spain. These have included the Butterfly Ball in Marbella for the UK’s Rhys Daniels Trust which provides ‘homes from home’ for children who require long periods of hospital care a long way from their homes and their families.
The Positively Pink Ball, based on the Costa del Sol, raises money for Positively Pink charity which offers free breast cancer screening as well as support to cancer sufferers. MABS, which offers support to cancer sufferers on the Costa Blanca.   Severely disabled children including Tomas Leighton and Keira Alvarez Turner have also been supported in newspaper campaigns.
So Mr Anthony William Brown, please feel free to carry on what seems to be a personal vendetta against the hard-working people behind the Euro Weekly News, but if you are going to do so, then do it with some substance, not just picking on a mouse slip which can happen to anyone.
At least try to be more positive in your approach to the people that are trying to bring the Costas up-to-date news.
And I’m sorry but for you to point out that a picture was not correct when the text of the story was absolutely clear about its details, the location, the numbers, all factually correct, just the pic was wrong!
The fact you decided to point that out in such a malevolent way only goes to show what small regard you hold those who actually read your articles in, obviously you think your readership is dense as they wouldn’t understand that a picture doesn’t relate to a story?
Anyway, I wish you well Mr Brown and from all of us here at Euro Weekly News please feel free to drop in for a coffee any time you’re in Fuengirola, (that’s on The Costa del Sol, not the Costa Blanca).

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Mark T Connor

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