A Bipolar Diagnosis: It’s not a death sentence!

Firstly, I would like to thank all of the Euro Weekly readers for taking the time to read my column week after week– also for the letters you send in & encouraging comments on Facebook.

A big shout out to Michel, Steven and the red army at EWN head office for their support and hard work in helping and enabling me to get my story across and help others. I tend to write my columns replacing “me” for “we”– however this week I’m going to write about ME– give an honest insight to Ms Bipolar.

These last two weeks I have struggled- yes, really struggled! I have used every bit of my energy & strength to carry on fighting this uphill battle. I have had my doctor on speed dial making tweaks here and there and giving me the professional support I very much needed. But I have also looked after ME… I have laughed with family and friends, I have sunbathed, I have done silly TikTok dance routines with my daughter, I have gone to bed early, made my bed every single morning and… “drum roll… please…” not had any alcoholic beverages in three weeks!!

These little achievements may seem unimportant to most people but to me, they are a reminder that I am still in control and I’m not losing myself to my illness. Just because one day, one week, or more of your life is rough, doesn’t mean things will be that way forever. I know the next couple of weeks will be tough but I also know that I am strong enough to come out of this the other side. I finally understand the gravity of my illness and when I need to ask for help. This disorder can be fatal if not managed properly.

I’m both a survivor and an advocate. I want to give hope to the millions of people whose lives have been affected by bipolar disorder. I’m living proof that a bipolar disorder diagnosis is not a death sentence. I haven’t just survived, I’ve thrived. And while I’ve had many professional and personal achievements, I’m most proud of my constant recovery. I am unapologetically ME!
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Love Ms Bipolar

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