As with the best irony, I’ll be ironic, moaning, about those who moan.

Or, the ‘Corona-Moaners’, as I call them. For the last sixteen weeks, we’ve witnessed all levels of moaning; from those, who felt being ‘trapped at home’ was too much to handle. Those who felt, being unable to go to their favourite restaurants was a ‘liberty’. To those, who found wearing a simple face mask, was the ‘end of the world’. And of course, those who felt their lives may end, when they couldn’t get a blow-dry.

Oh yes, they’ve moaned. No matter how many lost their lives to Covid-19, the Corona-Moaners just couldn’t help themselves. As the daily death toll spiralled internationally, they kept Facebook busy with their rants. Late-night chat forums were filled with bonkers conspiracy theories. If one dared disagree, they moaned. Agree, they found something else to moan about. Block them, they moaned, but luckily, we could no longer hear them. Those who moan, love any excuse to do so. It rains they complain, the sun shines, and it’s too hot.

For this select few, the dreaded virus was the icing on the cake of negativity. They’re the same type, who spend every waking minute caught up in yawn-full, and certainly questionable, “debates” in the comment sections. No matter the country, it seems the Corona-Moaners, found serious fault with every politician, medical expert, or person, who didn’t share their dreary outlook. Going as far as blaming prime ministers for the “handling” of the outbreak. Of course, in hindsight, yes certain things, could have been handled differently, in certain countries.

However, faced with a ravaging, and raging mystery virus, we, the non-moaners, did what we could, and even though, we may not have liked it, we get on with it, with tight lips and a brave face. So now, as we emerge into what we call the ‘new normal’, life feels almost as before. Surely it’s time for the moaning to stop? One would hope. But of course, those who are finally able to have their hair tended to, now moan that they have to wear a face mask while doing so. Those who longed for pasta alla vongole, can’t stand the fact, that hand sanitizer must be used upon entering restaurants.

And finally, to those who’ve whinged, moaned and cried, about the fact they may not be able to have their annual two-week sojourn to the sun. Now that air travel has returned, albeit with restrictions, to the Corona-Moaners, it’s just not the same. And it’s simply not good enough. I look to the sky, and I plead to be spared from these dreadful people, for all eternity. However, as sure as night becomes day, I know my hopes are in vain. Instead, I continue to smile and be grateful, for all we have. And moreover, for the fact that my loved ones are healthy and safe. Keep smiling, keep going, and stay positive. As for the Corona-Moaners, I say, leave them to it.
I for one, have far bigger fish to fry.

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Gavin Lambe-Murphy

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