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THERE are many myths about how to lose body fat, mostly related to food and sports. However, the only secret to lose extra pounds and achieve both healthy weight and fitness is to change your habits through a balanced diet and regular physical exercise.

The myth that only cardio helps you lose weight is one reason why many people train solely on the treadmill. But the most recommended formula to get rid of excess accumulated fat is to combine cardiovascular exercise with functional and toning exercise. Cardio will help you burn calories while toning will help you maintain muscle and an optimal shape.

Another of the most established myths about weight loss is the idea that carbohydrates must be eliminated from the diet to lose weight. The body gets most of the energy it needs through carbohydrates, making it essential in a balanced and healthy diet. If more energy (carbohydrates) is consumed than burned, the body stores it in case it needs it later. Unfortunately, it does so in the form of body fat.

Physical activity does not counteract a poor diet or compensate for a high intake of calories. Sports, if not complemented with a balanced and healthy diet, can even cause you to end up increasing weight. Nutritionists recommend eating a diet based on fruits, vegetables and legumes, reducing meat consumption and avoiding sugars and unhealthy fats.

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