Breaking News: Celtic nine-in-a-row flag raised over Glasgow City Chambers in George Square

Nine in a row Celtic flag flying at Glasgow City Chambers. Pic: YouTube

Don’t get excited, it wasn’t put there by Glasgow City Fathers, (although I would like to bet there are a few who wish it had been official

An unknown rascal has caused an investigation to be launched into who exactly has had the temerity to raise a Celtic football club ‘nine in a row’ flag at Glasgow’s City Chambers in George Square at the center of the city.

Normally there is a saltire flag flying proudly on that particular spot, but videos uploaded to twitter and other social media show the flag had been replaced in the prime position with the Celtic flag.

Obviously the prank was short lived, as it was quickly switched back for the Saltire flag, but of course the damage, (if you can call it that), had already been done with thousands of hits on the internet, loaded with comments both victorious from Celtic fans, and, not so complimentary from fans of Rangers Football Club, the longtime arch enemies of Celtic.

The prankster must have actually scaled the building to swap the flags over, that was a feat in itself, but of course now there is a major investigation under way because the City Council cannot be seen to see the funny side.

Glasgow has a tradition of irreverence towards buildings and statues, probably the most famous being the Statue of the Duke of Wellington, (just off George Square),

Duke of Wellington with traffic cone on his head, a tourist attraction in Glasgow. Pic: Twitter

who has a bright orange traffic cone on his head, the cone is regularly removed by the city workers, but within a few short hours, a new one will appear, this has been going on for as long as I can remember, its good fun, with no malice whatsoever, and now has become a city landmark attracting tourists from far and wide to see the cone on Wellingtons head.

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