The simple rules to wearing a mask in Spain

Fines Of €100 For Not Wearing A Mask In The Car

Fines Of €100 For Not Wearing A Mask In The Car Pic:Youtube

I’m only going to concentrate on one of the protocols in place today to try to clear up any confusion.

The face mask.

The rules on this one have been interpreted in so many ways that it has become confusing, to the point where we are seeing some rather interesting sights.

The rules are very simple, very straightforward and they are these: It is mandatory to wear a mask on public transport, or private hire transport, and it is mandatory to wear a facemask in public (both indoors and outdoors), if, and only if, you cannot keep a social distance of 2m or more.

So for those of you who go jogging wearing a mask, not only don’t you have to do so, it’s actually not that good for you as you are breathing in some of the carbon dioxide which you are exhaling.

For the people who are driving in a car on their own… with a mask on!  What? Sorry I just don’t get that one.

To those of you who wear masks pretty much everywhere but have it covering your mouth but with your nose outside the mask, sorry but in what way is wearing the mask like that protecting anyone?

Wear one over your nose and mouth if you cannot be more than 2m from a stranger,  Wear one on public transport, that’s the protocol.

The only other rule regarding the face mask is if you work closely with the public on a daily basis be it in a restaurant or bar, or retail shop or office, where its probably that you will come into contact with strangers its mandatory to wear one.

Anything else is a waste of time.

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