Tourists to Spain Caught NOT Wearing a Mask Face Fines- and some are Furious!

Tourists to Spain’s Balearic Islands now face a fine for not wearing a mask in public – even if they are eating outside at a restaurant or a bar, and they are NOT happy!

Holidaymakers face fines of €100 from the start of next week if they are caught on the street without their noses and mouths covered, the move has been condemned by travel agents and tourists alike and industry insiders say this could be the “last nail in the coffin” for the sector. The regional government of Spain’s Balearic Islands approved the resolution that will make face masks mandatory in all public spaces in the archipelago even when social distancing rules can be respected. The measure comes into effect this weekend.

A waiter in a hotel on the island of Mallorca prepares the sunbeds for the guests arriving soon, he said all the staff have been told to make sure that everyone wears their masks at all times.

Under the region’s new resolution, wearing a face mask will be mandatory at all times, both in indoor and outdoor public spaces. Exceptions will be made for the beach, pools, when eating or drinking while practicing sport and while playing a wind instrument. The regional government has specified that the mask must be worn appropriately so that it covers both the nose and mouth. Violators of the new rules will receive fines of up to €100. Currently, face masks are only mandatory in spaces where it is not possible to maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters.

On reading the news, many brit holidaymakers took to social media to air their anger:

Susan Hargreaves from Hull, couped up for months with her three children and husband, had recently booked to go to Mallorca but is having second thoughts now, she said:

“What, fines? you must be bl**dy joking!! we got three kids who eat like it’s their last meal and my husband drinks like a fish, how the hell do they expect us to eat or drink with a fri**ng mask on? I booked online last week, I’m gonna see if I can change it for somewhere else, stuff that for a game of cricket!”.

However. Bill Blakely from South London couldn’t wait to let everyone know on Facebook that he would rather still go and risk the fine, he said:

“Tell you what, all those people that think not wearing a mask is ok should STAY AT HOME! Doesn’t anyone read the news? Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Bulgaria are all in trouble now thorough letting the public walk around and mix with each other without making them wear masks, its a no-brainer, me and the missus are going to Mallorca, we love the place and will not let a silly thing like this to put us off.”

A tip on how to make your face mask fit correctly.


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Tony Winterburn

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    • Rich lakes

      12 July 2020 • 19:05

      If you don’t want to obide by spanish laws if you don’t care I’d you being the virus with you fr the uk and infect spanish people Don’t bother getting on a flight. Stay in the uk let your family drink themselves silly back there Ashamed to be an expat living in spain. If your here n don’t like wearing a mask get the next flight home

    • Ed W

      13 July 2020 • 11:13

      If the Brits don’t want to comply send’em back home, but NO REFUNDS.

    • De Lao

      14 July 2020 • 16:29

      Awa, it takes a British person to tell the rest of the world how to behave, doesn’t it, because yous know better, only you don’t, you have the biggest number of deaths in Europe and counting. If you have no respect for the countries you gonna be visiting, it’s very simple, STAY HOME and keep on infecting your fellow citizens, you uncaring people. Fighting a pandemic demands an effort from everybody and this pandemic is showing which countries have it and which don’t, which people are caring and which aren’t. British culture and society is all about money, me myself and I and f**k the rest. You´ll reach a few more thousand deaths and still not care… it beggars believe, and the worse is you still dare try and give lessons to the rest of the world about how to behave. Your superficial politeness means nothing because when it comes to it, you don’t give a s**t about anyone. Compare wearing a mask to being connected to a ventilator and tubed in… But you´ll argue with the devil if that’s what it takes to keep on being the selfish uncaring society you are. Stupid mentality as well as that attitude will end up getting you in the end. Enjoy your crap, stay home, meaning stay in Britain since you have no respect for anyone!!!

    • Rickard Sandoval

      17 July 2020 • 08:50

      Since the Spanish hate their children (imagine the trauma of growing up during this nonsense), and apparently love fascism they can have it. I refuse to wear one and never will put one on no matter what the consequences. Political prisoners and oppressed population due to a useless idiotic and completely pointless cloth. When did the world go so mad?


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