Blair dodges another legal action against Iraq war

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WAR criminal, perhaps, War monger, definitely, Blair dodges the bullet over the legal action against him brought by an Iraqi citizen over radioactive ammunition used during the conflict

Amer Abdulimam Jasim who has lung cancer, tried to bring a lawsuit with the help of Defending Christian Arabs (DCA), because he feels that his cancer was brought on by inhaling the dust from depleted uranium bullets fired in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

On March 20, 2003 the armed forces were ordered to use the lethal ammunition, when fired the depleted uranium bullets would vaporise on contact with the target, (or anything else they hit), and turn into Uranium Oxide Dust, which was carried by wind over a huge area of southern Iraq.

The organisation had already challenged the ruling of a district court judge at Guilford Magistrates Court in July of 2019, when the court found that they had no jurisdiction over the territory where the alleged offence had taken place.

In the High Court Mrs Justice Cutts dismissed the legal action claiming there was no evidence that Tony Blair had ordered the use of the bullets, or that the bullets were the cause of Mr Jasim’s unfortunate condition.

Back in 2017 the high court ruled that Tony Blair could not be prosecuted for the consequences of his part in the Iraq war,  Do you think that ruling should be upheld, or should he face the consequences of what he clearly did?

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