Here is a little question for you! Why do people gossip so much? My question should really be, why do we British gossip so much over here? 

There is a neverending swirl of Chinese whispers that became more obvious than ever during the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown. Many had a different take on the lockdown rules without making any checks on official government websites that the information that they were spreading was true.  

I’m amazed at the number of bars that were reportedly closing down, never to open their doors again. The rumours in most cases have been wrong because the self-same bars are indeed still operating and thankfully serving customers. 

Maybe we gossip because idle hands make light work. This could very well be the truth. Wherever I have lived, I have heard rumours of new marinas being built and I have lived in a number of places around Spain. Not one of these supposed marinas has come to fruition in all my years as a resident. Underground car parks have been excitedly announced by the hearsay brigade but the diggers have never turned up. 

When I had a cabaret bar in Tenerife with my Dragtastic partner Barry Pugh, we were the subject of much gossip. We decided to close the bar to concentrate on the cabaret circuit without all the rigmarole of stocking a bar and health checks etc.  The gossips came flying out of the cupboard with stories of impending doom about our lack of funds, bankruptcy and massive debts to all and sundry. The rumours were far from the truth and we were able to laugh them off. You are never able to find out who has started the rumour. It has always come from someone else. 

About ten years ago I was told by a friend of mine that I had died. Sadly, for the gossips, nobody had told me to stop breathing so I was able to prove them wrong. Again, I just laughed it off. 

Nowadays, if I hear gossip, I make it my business to find out the truth from the horse’s mouth before it gets out of control. I go to the person or business that is the subject of so much attention and tell them what has reached my ears. That way I will either get the truth or get my ears boxed. There is another option. Don’t get involved and KEEP SHTUM! Gossip is the Devil’s radio and I would prefer not to DJ for him! 

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