Malaga remembers councilor Martín Carpena, killed 20 years ago by ETA

José María Martín Carpena. Photo Credit: Diario Sur

There is a whole generation in Malaga that links the name to sports activity.

Those from the Costa del Sol will tend to relate this name to a sports hall, the main indoor sports venue in Malaga City. But July 15 marks the 20th anniversary of the murder of the former mayor of the Popular Party in the City of Malaga, José María Martín Carpena.

The life of the former mayor in the Malaga City Council was taken from him the night he was going to the traditional proclamation of La Biznaga, from his home in the Nueva Málaga neighbourhood. He held a position as mayor since 1997.

At the time, Interior identified Gorka Palacios as the ETA member who murdered Martín Carpena, although later it would be known that the committer of the crime was in fact Igor Solana, who fired the four bullets that hit the Malaga man, one of them fatally.

A minute of silence was attended by the vice president of the Board, Juan Marín; the counsellor of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo; the president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado; or the sub-delegate of the Government in Malaga, Teófilo Ruiz, who accompanied Elvira Calvente, widow of the mayor, the daughter of both, Mariché Martín, and Ángel Martín Carpena, brother of the remembered politician.

In the act of remembrance and tribute to Martín Carpena, Moreno stressed that “it hurts me as a political leader and as president of the Junta de Andalucía when concessions are made to terrorist prisoners and when the Government of the Nation agrees with a party that does not even condemn violence or terrorism.”

In his speech, the Andalusian president acknowledged his regret “when there are approaches to Basque prisons, when public tributes are paid in the Basque municipalities without the state authorities doing anything, or when there is an apology for terrorism by some linked political sectors with Bildu and his youth.”

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