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As was to be expected, the plight of many continues in the fallout following the lockdown.

Even people who care and want to continue to help the less fortunate find themselves too busy now back at work or lacking volunteers to continue their work. This seems to be the conversation all around.  Every charity I talk to has the same story.  

Margot from the Cudeca shop in Avenida del Mar in Marbella says that from the 34 volunteers she had before Covid19 shut everything down, only 4 have returned. Obviously, if most of the volunteers are of retirement age they are not flocking up to expose themselves to a situation that is far from under control. 

Collective calling sent me their list of requirements, which again is mainly for volunteers with tasks ranging from helping with food collections, stocktaking and making food packs to additional people who can drive and deliver the donations.   

Without volunteers, everything comes to a halt. 

 Ana Maria of the Butterfly Children Charity also has the same plea: volunteers please – also for their charity shops and to partake in a new fundraiser we can all join in easily – run to fly – donate €5 to walk or run 5 km and nominate others to do likewise. 

In times like this we can hopefully pull more together than ever; not only is it better it may be the only way. In this instance, in particular, I’m appealing to our youth. Some charity shops can have helpers as of 14 years of age, fully covered and insured to assist in the shops.   

If you don’t want to be inside, dogs need walking at Triple-A and cages need cleaning, as with all other animal shelters.  You can always do a sponsored walk or run to help raise funds for any of the charities, anything as long as it’s something.  

There are many things that can be allocated according to age and talents and it will be a rewarding experience that can only enhance your CV, abilities and outlook. 

As our objective for UNMS2020 is to ensure our teens feel inclusive in our community and find a sense of purpose and belonging, this could be a great first step.  Get involved now that your city actually needs you. Many more youngsters will be staying locally this summer so please, please, please, pick a charity and see how you can help. 

The first orphans in Málaga who will find themselves homeless upon turning 18 will start arriving to live in Marbella later this month. They are eager to find a job and a sense of belonging; getting involved with our charities is a good start. In fact, they have already helped out at a food collection last Sunday at Lidl. 

 Similarly, if you’re not back at work perhaps you too might like to volunteer for something, you never know who you might meet.
Splease,  all those who are able, pick a charity, any charity. 

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