Window or Aisle Seat? Where Is Safer to Sit During Your Flight?

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ALTHOUGH the health crisis placed summer holidays in a distant realm, the more recent relaxation of border controls across Europe has left many individuals longing for a holiday. Most destinations are reached by plane and the journey on a flight is no longer what we are usually accustomed to.

Protocols have changed and many people fear to be in such a closed space with hundreds of strangers for a few hours. The National Geographic has released a study in which they determine which seat is the safest for passengers who fear contracting Covid-19.

The study which was carried out by a team of United States Public Health researchers, analyses the movements that take place inside an aeroplane throughout the duration of a flight.

The study reached a few conclusions regarding which seat has a higher probability of contagion. They conclude that the main influencing factor is where the person infected with Covid is sat. However, as this is totally unpredictable there are also certain areas which are safer to sit regardless.

The study determined that sitting next to the window is the seat where you engage in the least contact with other parts of the plane, followed by the middle seat and lastly the aisle seat. The passengers on the window seat only had a 43 per cent probability of moving during the flight, whereas the aisle seat would move around the plane with a higher chance of around 80 per cent.

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