Young man from Malaga gets the best grade in selectivity and wants to be a doctor

Alejandro. Photo credit; diariosur

Alejandro Salvador has obtained, on average between Selectividad and Bachillerato, a rating of 13.94 points out of a total of 14.

Clear that he wanted to be a doctor, to continue the work carried out for decades by his grandfather, a pediatrician, Alejandro knew that to achieve this he would have to study hard, since the cut grade of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Malaga is one of the highest.

Alejandro Salvador has been tenacious, to the point that he has not only been the best student at his school, the Sacred Heart in Malaga, but has obtained the highest grade in Selectivity in the entire province.

He spent most of the day, from 8am, studying. The lockdown was complicated, but with consistency and support from his parents, teachers and friends, he found the encouragement to make the step on from school to university.

Alejandro was very close to his grandfather who sparked his interest in medicine, but unfortunately he lost him last year. He now wishes to follow his footsteps, although is not yet sure if being a pediatrician is the direction he wishes to follow.

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