Want an apartment on the beach?!

When will peace be restored for our beach apartments?! CREDIT: Flickr (file pic)

Nine years after moving here permanently, we made the major decision to not have any assets in the UK so we sold our family home there.

We purchased a couple of beach apartments to rent here so that we would get a small income from short term holiday rentals. This has worked well for us as we did everything legally – got licences etc. and got them up to government spec. 

Fast forward to the last few months – everything stopped and all the bookings we had cancelled. This wasnt too much of a problem because most people were happy to rearrange for later on this year or just wait till next year. We, of course, have a booking form which clearly states that the deposit is nonrefundable and we recommend that our clients have travel insurance. 

One or two people asked for their money back. We pointed out the Ts and Cs and said we would gladly provide all the required documentation so they could claim on their insurance. Oh, we havent got any’. We explained that was their problem. It can’t become our problem and we can’t be the only losers because they haven’t taken travel insurance... can we?

So not only have we got empty apartments with no idea when they will rent again, to add insult to injury some toe rag decides to break in and squat for a few days. He used the washing machine, shower, bedrooms, towels, and sheets and nicked the TV on his way out. Here’s a bit of info for you. If someone squats in your place and you don’t report it within 24 hours they have rights and it’not just a case of sending the police round to evict them. To be honest though the police were fantastic and after we went to the police station and made a denuncia they sent along a forensic team to check for fingerprints.

We once had a burglary in the UK and the Police didn’send anyone round as they didn’t have the manpower. They told us just claim on our insurance and gave us a crime number over the phone. The insurance company here were brilliant too. They fixed all the locks and took details to replace the damaged doors and broken glass. Hey ho, anyone want to buy an apartment on the beach 

Police in Spain’s Galicia Escort Property Owners from Building After Invasive Squatters Complain

Written by

Mike Senker

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