Don’t let mosquitoes win!

WRIST BAND: Is rechargeable. EASY TO WEAR: And smart too.

THERE is nothing more irritating than to be woken up by the persistent buzzing of a mosquito in your ear or to find yourself scratching at a recent bite, which could become infected or leave a long-term scar.

These are just some of the reasons why the special Anti-Mosquito Bracelet now on offer to readers of Euro Weekly News is such a welcome product and although malaria was officially declared beaten in 1964 by the Spanish Health Authorities, mosquitoes don’t need passports to flourish here.

This very handy, wearable, intelligent, ultrasonic mosquito repellent bracelet not only looks good but works by simulating the sound of other mosquitos which encourages any of the pesky creatures in your vicinity to literally buzz off.

The adjustable silicone strap means that any member of the family can wear the watch and expect up to 80 per cent protection with the three settings for indoors, outdoors and even silent use with an amazing 130 hours of protection from a single charge of the long-life battery.

From flat to fully charged takes approximately 30 minutes, so in less than an hour after you receive your delivery, you can be up, running and protected.

Unlike other products, this isn’t for single use but because it is rechargeable it is reusable and for a low cost, it will give you long service and most importantly scare away the apparently ever-multiplying mosquitos who can cause so much discomfort.

There are no toxic chemicals involved so the lightweight Anti-Mosquito Watch is easy to wear and ideal for the elderly, the young, pregnant women. In fact, anybody and everybody and there is no risk of harm to pets from chemicals.

No matter what you are doing, indoors or out, you can simply and cheaply discourage these insects from making your life a misery by charging up and wearing this smart and efficient wrist band.

The entire package which includes the waterproof Mosquito Repellent Bracelet in your choice of black or white, charging cable and instruction booklet costs just €19.99 from

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