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Perfect balance

Dear Euro Weekly News,

I have to say that I entirely agree with Kevin Park (issue 1827) about visitors not bothering about wearing masks or social distancing. They march down the middle of the pavement crowded together and we have to move out of the way, very often into the road.

Twice this week, I have gone into the centre of Fuengirola for shopping purposes. I was truly shocked and angered that so many people are simply not taking this virus seriously. Not only young people but older couples and whole families with no protection at all. And unfortunately, K.P. is quite right: they were all foreign tourists. Nearly all Spanish people, including visitors, were wearing masks and staying apart.

This was mid-morning: what on earth must it be like at night when folk have had a few drinks?

How many more deaths do they need in order to realize that this virus is still around? We, who live here, have abided by the rules for over 3 months. We didn’t go out except for essential shopping, we didn’t meet up with friends or family and so many businesses couldn’t survive and went bust. We didn’t go through all that for some uncaring, irresponsible visitors to come along and ruin it all again. Just imagine if the Costa del Sol had to go into another lockdown.

I know the coast needs tourism but there must be a balance between business and health. Perhaps the rules in their home countries are different, perhaps they simply don’t know the rules here regarding masks and social distancing or perhaps they just don’t care. They are on holiday……………it doesn’t apply to them.

Kind regards,
Lynn Hopkins.


Defend your right

Hi Leapy,

I am a frequent visitor to Spain (I have an apartment in Fuengirola) and a regular reader of your EWN column. I do not necessarily agree with all that you write, only about 95 per cent of it but defend your right of freedom of speech to say it. I remember you as a pop singer in my youth (that dates me) but you have excelled yourself as a journalist, controversial at times but always writing what some people are afraid to even think. I must put you on the same pedestal as Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail, both of you reaching a far greater audience than me just talking to my mates. It’s time more people listened to the pair of you and said enough of this BLM, woke or whatever minority group (aided and abetted by rent – a – crowd) is shouting the loudest. There should be a national poll as per the one carried out by EWN re your column. Do the British public want to put up with this rubbish?

Keep up the good work, the mouthpiece of the majority of us.

Alan Goddard


Stern word

Dear Euro Weekly News,

Ref: Leapy survey

What your survey shows is that 74 per cent of people who replied are Brexiteers, racist, anti-EU whilst receiving all the benefits that the EU offers. Then we find an absurd column this week about whispers from an alleged doctor who blames the outbreak in Leicester on B.A.M.E, nothing about Brits refusing to wear masks at all.

I am a South Londoner from the war the years. Don’t forget the Windrush generation, Grenfell, of which only 24 people have received compensation. Sorry but I despair of the behaviour and attitude of these people who appear to be copying the behaviour of the modern-day Americans.

Angry old Brit,
Alan Doig


Puzzle praise

Dear Euro Weekly News,

A brief note to thank you and your colleagues to say thank you for forwarding the crosswords during the lockdown.

I do them every week but during this time we were unable to go out since we are over 70.

Many thanks again


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