Did he really just say that?!

If I hadn’t seen this happen live on TV I would not believe it.

When asked during a White House press briefing on Tuesday about the federal prosecution of Ghislaine Maxwell for her alleged role in recruiting, grooming and sexually abusing underage girls, President Donald Trump responded, “I just wish her well, frankly.”
To reassure me that I wasn’t hallucinating to this bizarre response to the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged accomplice, Trump said it again: “I wish her well.” 

Maxwell has been charged with helping Jeffrey Epstein commit serious and grotesque crimes relating to the sexual abuse of children. Trump was personal friends with, and used to party with Epstein. Trump once declared, “I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

I don’t care what you Trump supporters think of me. You cannot tell me that these are the words you want to hear coming from the POTUS. The man is absolutely raving insane. 

It is also outrageous that he has White House press conferences and talks about the pandemic without having either of his medical experts on stage with him. A fellow doctor said the other day that, in the world of infectious diseasesAnthony Fauci is like a God. His knowledge is second to none. But obviously there is only room for one God to be at the lectern answering questions. 

Trouble is, Trump’s answers are mostly lies and if not an out and out lie they are simply wrong. Even Fox, his friendly news channel, ripped his lies to pieces. When being interviewed by Chris Wallace he simply called Trump out on every lie he told and there were quite a few. He has done a complete 180 on mask-wearing.

The list of rubbish he talks about is endless. The only time he seems to make any sense is when he is reading off a teleprompter. Even then he reads like a child stumbling over words and repeating himself. When challenged by a reporter he will use his favourite back phrase ‘lots of people have said’. He never actually says who the lots of people are. 

So bring it on folks trying to defend him, but to me, he is a very dangerous man and time will tell who’s right. 

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Written by

Mike Senker

Grumpy Old Man Mike Senker provokes laughter and some groans with his spot on observations of life in the modern age.



      30 August 2020 • 17:23

      Mike you have pointed out nothing more than a litany of complaints in which your objurgation is nothing more than hearsay about gossip…I am not interested in the president’s personal life…I am interested policy and what they have accomplished…policy based on facts…here is a fact for you since trump took office the policies of the trump administration are reflected in the stock market…having reached its highest numbers in U.S. history… in fact the qqq has doubled and made me a millionaire thanks to president trump…during the Barry Obama 8 years all I could do was hold on until trump took office…I am glad I didn’t sell my stocks during the Obama administration because now it would cost me double to buy them back…I feel sorry for the misinformed democrats who sold their 401k’s when trump took office because now it will cost them double to buy them back…mike these are facts I have presented…you like the rest of the misinformed democrats have nothing to offer other than gossip about the president’s personal life which has absolutely nothing to do with policy…mike you may be wondering why you are so misinformed. Well here is another fact for you. The Smith-Mundt modernization act was signed into law in 2012 by Barry Obama…you probably have not heard of this law because you have been spoon fed lies since 2012 by CNN and MSNBC and the likes…Barry quietly slipped the bill in under another bill. Being the snake and father of lies that he is…the 2012 SMBA allowed for the first time in U.S. history for the media to lie to the American people…which gave birth to CNN and MSNBC which are nothing more than a political machine operating for the democratic party…the democrats have been pumping out propaganda and lies to the American public ever since…so I do understand why you democrats are so misinformed and brainwashed …….the greatest threat to America is the misinformed democratic uninformed ignorant voters…vote based on facts not lies that you have been told by CNN and MSNBC..


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