DROP THE EGO! Life coaching tips from Dione

HOW many times have you told yourself that you are not good enough or reminded yourself of all of the things you HAVEN’T achieved in your life?

I hear you!

I used to do the same thing. I used to argue with myself on a daily basis.  It was me versus my ego, yet my ego always seemed to win. The more I listened to the little witch inside my head, The louder she got.

“I’m not a good enough Mum?”

“I’m too fat to wear a bikini.”

“I need to dull my confidence. People will think I’m cocky.”

“Who am I to think I could have a successful business?”

“I could never pass the exams to become a successful mentor!”

These were just a few statements that the voice was telling me.  The fear of failure hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt trapped, in a very dark place with no way out.  Depression hit and the walls were closing in. I knew I had to do something as I was slowly pushing away everyone I loved and I was about to lose it all.

So how exactly do you quieten the noise? Can you set yourself free from a negative mindset?

Hell yes!

I studied hard for two years, I put everything into practice, I tested any different techniques, and now, I am here to show you how!!!

We all have ‘voices’ inside our heads commenting on our moment-to-moment experiences, the quality of our past decisions, mistakes we could have avoided, and what we should have done differently. These voices can be really mean and make a bad situation much worse. The voice will always criticise and beat you down at every given opportunity.

But the question is, why? Our ego (or as I like to name her, the witch), feeds off self-doubt and fear.  She can be a residue of childhood experiences – automatic patterns of neural firing stored in our brains and dissociated from the memory of the events they are trying to protect us from.

If you try to ignore the voice or even dismiss it altogether, It can take charge of your whole life, enabling you to become a slave to the mind. This, in turn, will allow you to believe that the outside world is dangerous and that you need to obey her rules for living in order to survive and avoid pain. You will live your life existing rather than living!

So how can you quieten the noise?

Step 1 – I would like you to look at your end goal. What is it you would like to achieve?

Think of your current goal, your dream.  What does it look like?

Where are you when you achieve this goal?

Who is the first person to share it with?

Now take a moment to align with this next question. How does it feel to achieve your goal? Feel every emotion possible for the next minute.

How do you feel?  You’re smiling, right?  You know what it feels like to reach your goal.  You can see your success and know what it feels like. You can feel what it can do for you and your families life?

321… The ego has started.  Am I right? Just as you picture everything you want to achieve, that is when she starts! Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal.

Step 2 – Acknowledge and understand your thoughts

Write down everything, word for word that your ego/witch,  is telling you. It is important to be completely honest here. You need to share EXACTLY what the voice is telling you.

Next to each statement,  write the following, what physical evidence do I have that makes this thought true? The answer to be ZERO! There is no physical evidence to stop you from being successful.  The only evidence you have is FEAR. Fear of failing, fear of judgement, fear of other people’s opinions, fear from past experiences.

It is time to face those fears…

Name one step you can take today that will bring you closer to your goal.  Don’t think of the outcome. Ignore the ‘what if.’ Just give me one step, right now, without thinking about it.  What can you do today that will get you closer to your goal?

If you feel you will need more guidance, a hand holding approach and want to discuss your mental blocks in more detail, I am here to help.  I have a five-day, step by step masterclass to allow you to finally set yourself free from a negative mindset and finally quieten the noise.

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Written by

Damon Mitchell

From the interviewed to the interviewer

As frontman of a rock band Damon used to court the British press, now he lives the quiet life in Spain and seeks to get to the heart of the community, scoring exclusive interviews with ex-pats about their successes and struggles during their new life in the sun.

Originally from Scotland but based on the coast for the last three years, Damon strives to bring the most heartfelt news stories from the spanish costas to the Euro Weekly News.

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