Cold Hearted Mother Accuses Daughter of Faking Illness and Finds Her Dead After Drinks at The Pub

Sharon Goldie, a 45-year-old mother, is facing great scrutiny after her 13-year-old daughter was found dead and slumped across the sofa after the mother’s return from the pub. When the paramedics question the mother what exactly had happened, Sharon argued that she thought her daughter, Robyn Goldie, was faking it.

Robyn had spent a few days begging her mother Sharon to take her to a health centre as she was “hurting all over” however the lack of responsibility and action ultimately led to the young schoolgirl’s death.

The young girl even ran to the neighbour’s houses to beg for help however this only reinforced Sharon’s perceptive of her daughter being an attention seeker. The reality was that the 13-year-old, from Lanarkshire, Scotland, was suffering from a ruptured stomach ulcer, a condition easily fixed with the correct medical attention.

Robin Goldie: Dead at 13 due to neglect.
Credit: Robyn Goldie

Sharon decided she would rather go to the pub instead of helping her pleading daughter and came back to find her unresponsive in the living room. She walked past with a friend and got some drink in the garden, assuming she was probably asleep. When the friend came in to check on Robyn, they found that she was indeed dead.

Goldie will now plead guilty in front of the High Court in Glasgow for the counts of ill-treatment and neglect towards a child.

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