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THE British government’s final decision to allow teachers to decide student’s exam results was not only ridiculous, but positively wreaked of a hasty and desperate endeavour to resolve a problem that they could have simply done without.

After all, when you are in debt to the tune of two trillion pounds and gripped by a pandemic bringing the country to its knees, having a bunch of youngsters crying in their cornflakes and marching on Downing Street because they consider they should have received higher than an F in mathematics, was just about the last thing they needed.

Appeasing the teachers, pupils and public in one fell swoop was actually a stroke of genius, they simply wanted the problem to go away – and it has.

Unfortunately, because of the method used to obtain their grades and through no fault of their own, in years to come the classes of 2020 will be viewed on with suspicion by just about everyone, universities and future employers alike trying to have us believe that teachers would be either competent, unbiased or impartial enough to deliver up fair and just results in these exams was actually an insult to anyone with even a smidgen of intelligence. Teachers are as human as the rest of us.

They have always had their favourites, or students they dislike and even their occasional attraction to pupils, (who can often manipulate ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’ with the guile of those far beyond their years!).

You can’t tell me that a teacher, who is aware that a better result for young Jimmy who is not the brightest, but, is ‘such a nice lad’ and has ‘tried very hard,’ doesn’t merit perhaps just a little tweak in the marking department? Well of course it would.

Couple that with the fact that schools are judged by their overall success rate and you have the perfect storm for educational skullduggery. Is it any wonder the diddum’s experienced one of the highest pass rates in history? No, I’m afraid this is merely one more step in the lowering of British education standards, which has been slowly eroding for years. I’m actually pretty convinced that the leftie luvvies will adore this method of selection.

No exams, no stress and if they had their way, no losers. I predict a whole glut of university graduates stacking the shelves of Sainsbury’s in the dumbed-down years to come.

You truly do have to feel sorry for poor old Boris. He’s found himself at the head of a government experiencing the worst series of crisis in living memory.

Become a new dad. Been at death’s door with the Covid virus and when he tries to slip away into the British countryside for a brief respite, has an irate farmer chase him off the land where he pitches his tent! For heaven’s sake give him a break and thank the Lord that the likes of Corbyn and Abbott aren’t those making the decisions.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy


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    • Barry Morgan

      27 August 2020 • 14:42

      “Wreaked”? Bottom of the class old boy, it’s ‘reeked’ or were you wrecked when you wrote it?

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