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Happy man
Dear Euro Weekly News,
Hi all, a big thank you for the pick-up point at ALGI supermarket on Calle Gibraltar in Calpe.
It is great to have our favourite free newspaper back in our area again.
We missed it during the lockdown.
Online is ok but it is nice to have a paper to hold.
Best wishes,
Dave Stockton

Say it loud

Dear Euro Weekly News,
Well done Leapy, nail on the head. I’m still sick and tired of criminals and thieves telling us how we “The all too silent majority” should behave. Whether it’s Mayors of London or other “Woke” politicians and corporations telling us.
Simon Briscoe,

Seeing sense

Dear Euro Weekly News,
I am a permanent resident in Mallorca. I would take the vaccine.
It’s a matter of common sense really. Some protection is better than no protection.
Your article about the vaccine.
The English waiter should be sacked as a potential health hazard to others.
Yours sincerely,
Phil Small

Crafty plan

Hola Leapy,
The news seems to be full of the difficulties UK holidaymakers will have when they return if they plan to holiday in Spain. So, they are now crowded on to the beaches in the South West and the like and of course spending their holiday money in the UK instead of Spain.
It’s not rocket science but a crafty plan to boost UK coffers, in my opinion.
Stay safe,
Shirley Hunt

No bullies

Hi Euro Weekly,
I am so glad to see that you are actually accepting requests from readers about what news they would like to read. Unfortunately, it is true that bad news sells well and in reading your customers comments it is ironic that the ones that receive so many reactions on Facebook are the ones people want to argue about. Anyway, a little debate doesn’t hurt anyone as long as people realise it need not be personal. I do see some people going too far and wish they would just take it easy on each other, it does sometimes creep very close to bullying. I hope you have your best watchdogs at hand to dispose of those overstepping the line. It’s at times like these we should all have each other backs, not snapping at each other’s heels.
Dylan Metcalfe

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Damon Mitchell

From the interviewed to the interviewer

As frontman of a rock band Damon used to court the British press, now he lives the quiet life in Spain and seeks to get to the heart of the community, scoring exclusive interviews with ex-pats about their successes and struggles during their new life in the sun.

Originally from Scotland but based on the coast for the last three years, Damon strives to bring the most heartfelt news stories from the spanish costas to the Euro Weekly News.

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